Evaluating Your Life Plate

We live in a society where the most popular New Year’s Resolution is weight loss. Many people are so concerned with what they put on their plates, that other important things tend to fall by the wayside.

But speaking of keeping your plates healthy, I wanted to focus on a different kind of plate: your Life Plate.

I think of Life as a huge buffet busting at the seams with wonderful people, places, opportunities, and choices.

And like at you’re favorite Chinese lunch buffet, you have a choice as to what you put on your Life Plate.

You can choose to fill your plate with things that make you immediately happy, but end up leaving you feeling empty and tired.

You can lose all willpower and fill your plate with facades and lose sight of who you really are.

You can also choose to fill your plate with shoulds (things you think you should do, be, say, etc.) that ultimately end up making you feel anxious and overwhelmed.

Or, you could think of your Life Plate as a balancedhealthy plate filled with people and things that fuel you and make you feel your best. (Always remembering to save room for dessert 😉 )

As 2012 comes to a close, I encourage you to take a look at your Life Plate. Is it full of junk, or is it full of things you need?

Like a huge serving of faith (whatever that looks like to you), a heaping helping of family and meaningful relationships, all heavily seasoned with compassion (for yourself and others), genuine relaxation, and FUN.

Think about it.

Let’s chat – What’s currently filling up your Life Plate? What could be dumped into the garbage disposal, and what could be added? 


  1. says

    LOVE this post!! LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it! I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks really analyzing my life – what I like, what I don’t like, what I want to keep, what I want to lose, and HOW to get there for all of those things. It’s so important to me.

  2. says

    Adorable term. Unfortunately I think work takes up about 80% of my lifeplate, 10% is fitness and 10% family/friends. Fortunately I *love* my jobs so the ratio isn’t that off …. but I think I can cut back on it a bit in 2013 to focus on other goals (Volunteering, spiritual pursuits, etc)

  3. says

    Lately, I’ve been thinking about what goals I want to make for myself to make 2013 the best year ever and I love the plate analogy. Oraganization is definitely something that I want to add to my life plate for 2013. I feel that getting more organized will help everything else fall into place.

  4. says

    What a good way to think about priorities.

    Ditto the above poster–I need to get ORGANIZED! We are moving into a new house, and I am determined to start off (and continue!) on the right foot.

    I need to throw some wasted Internet time into the disposal (which doesn’t sound good for my blog…), and pile on a little more quality time with my husband.

  5. says

    Wow…this post is fantastic…That’s such a good way to look at it! I’m working on what goals I want to set for 2013, and growing in my faith is going to be right at the top. I’m thinking my goal will be to read through the entire Bible, which seems like a scary/big goal–and to me that means it’s exactly what I should do. It needs to be a priority!

  6. Becky @ Olives n Wine says

    What an inspirational post! Love this! I know one thing that my husband and I are going to consider this year is potentially relocating to be closer to family and friends. It’s a big choice but we are realizing what is most important to us being so far away from everyone.

  7. says

    Great concept! I am really trying to make sure that Vishnu, my family, and my friends take up most of my plate. I also think that giving myself some room is important as well, so that I can do the things I want – volunteering, reading, working out, etc.

  8. says

    Yes, yes, yes to this entire post! I am going to bookmark this & refer back to it multiple times! Thanks for sharing! I need to reevaluate where I spend a lot of my time that is not amounting to anything of value. And so, I’ll do just that 😉

  9. says

    What a wonderful post! I always hear the phrase “my plate is full,” but I’d never thought of it like your metaphor. Great idea to evaluate things before a new year begins. I’m excited to see what you have coming up on the blog!

  10. says

    After reading the Happiness Project, I thought a lot about this idea. And after going through a weight loss process last year, and letting it get a little out of control…one day I just realized. What the heck is the point? There are so many more important things in life to think about and fill your day with. Totally agree with this mentality!

  11. says

    I just started reading your blog after viewing Clean Eating Chelsea’s link to your truthful thursday video–I love how positive and funny you are, and really appreciate this post! I will most definitely keep reading!


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