Don’t Go Without a Plan

When my alarm went off this morning, I believed it was Wednesday. I laid in bed thinking of my schedule, and I was thankful I’d made it to the week’s half-way mark.

Then I realized it’s Tuesday.

That hurts, doesn’t it?

After a moment of silent weeping, I hopped out of bed, determined to stick to my plan of going to the gym.

While I definitely sweat and got my heart pumping, I made the number one workout mistake: I didn’t have a plan for the gym.

I knew I wanted to work with weights, but I hadn’t written down a set workout, and at 5:30 AM, it’s difficult (for me at least) to just fly off the cuff and make a great workout happen.

I need assistance that early.

To make a short story long, I ended up doing a hodgepodge of a strength workout, followed by 20 minutes on the ArcTrainer.

Tomorrow will be more organized, I can guar-an-darn-tee ya.


Breakfast was a magnificent cereal combo. I filled my bowl with Honey Nut Cheerios, Special K and Oatmeal Squares and I topped it all off with sliced banana.


This is always my favorite way to start the day. This, along with reading blogs, of course 😉


Now I’m off to work, and then starts the second night of classes! Last night went really well, and my fingers are crossed that tonight goes the same way :)

Edit to add: Yesterday’s post – Cory and I did not clean up my parent’s yard alone. Oh, no no. We had the help of two of my uncles (which was SO appreciated!) Good thing one of them gave me an oh-so-subtle reminder of this via the comments section 😉

Let’s chat –

Do you always have a plan when you go to the gym, or do you just wing it?

What’s your favorite breakfast?


  1. says

    I always try to head to the gym with a plan. The only time I do weights is during Body Pump, so they already have my entire routine mapped out for me. Otherwise, I plan my schedule out Sunday night (runs, spin classes, Body Pump, yoga) and enter them all into Google Calendar. Obviously life happens and sometimes I don’t make those classes or I have to switch a run to crosstraining, but I like having a set schedule. Otherwise I end up on my couch in front of the TV :)

  2. says

    I have like 3 or 4 workouts written down on little slips of paper that I keep in my spibelt. (Yeah, I wear a fanny pack to the gym. It’s convenient. lol) I always start with a 10 minute cardio warmup, so I’ll go through and find the workout I want to do that day and read over it.

  3. says

    I give you many props for making it down to the gym that early and doing weights! Doing weight routines are always hard for me, I can’t imagine trying to get myself doing one that early! I’m def a cereal girl myself [preferably with yogurt] but also always enjoy pancakes and waffles 😀

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    I usually have a plan in my mind about what I’ll do at the gym. I rarely get to go, so I usually do the same weights circuit I always do and add in one or two new things every time. I love having cold cereal every morning while reading blogs too! I even mix three different cereals. :)

  5. says

    mmm most of the time I only have enough time to run and go home… I have to figure out how to jam everything in that I want to do…. I refuse to get up earlier tho….

    You have turned me onto cereal combos and I love them :) :)

  6. says

    Do you eat your cereal without milk? I need something creamy with my cereal, whether it’s yogurt or milk or cottage cheese. Anyway, as for the gym topic, I take spinning three times a week, so on those days I obviously don’t need a plan. On days I do weights, I usually know which body parts I’m going to work, but I don’t write out a plan. It helps to have some sort of goal in my head, but there are the occasional days when I just go and wing it! Hey, at least you’re there!

    And girl, don’t worry, tomorrow morning it really WILL be Wednesday. The hump is coming!

  7. says

    Some days i go in with a plan, some days i have just enough to get myself there and listen to my body for what it says to do :) Do you use a WP plug-in for posting comments in the post?! xoxo

    • Colleen says

      Oh girl, I hear ya on the “just getting there” part! Nope, no plug in. I just took a screen shot of the post :)

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    I usually have some sort of plan when I go to the gym. I get thrown off when I plan to do a cardio machine, but they’re all taken. It makes me want to pout and use it as an excuse to spend the night watching TV ;). But I don’t do that, of course.

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