I had a great idea.

I was going to take a shot at being domestic.

That’s right, folks. Cory and I had reached the Kardashian milestone (read: 72 days of marriage) and I guess that inspired me to put on my Wife Hat and give it a go in the kitchen.

Once again, I’ve been pinning the shit out of creative ideas, and when I saw a zucchini + other veggies meal, I thought “Well, hey. That has seven ingredients, one being water. I can totally manage that.”

And so I set out to buy the ingredients for my dinner. I was excited. Look at me! I thought. I’m a wife! I’m a wife at the grocery! I’m a wife at the grocery store who’s planning a meal that’s not made in the crock pot.

I was walking tall as I gathered a can of black beans, tomatoes, a red pepper and the main ingredient, a zucchini.

Get me 3/4 cup of water and a packet of 90 second rice and I’ll be good – to – go.

That evening, not so long ago, I heated my EVOO in a deep pan as the recipe instructed.

I mixed the black beans and tomato in a bowl.

I chopped my red pepper with enthusiasm. I’m a wife!

Lastly, I grabbed my two zucchini and began to peel them.

And then.

*sniff, sniff*

I groaned.

Goddamn it. This is a cucumber.


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  1. Oh no! Hahaha…that totally sounds like something I would do. I’d much rather bake than cook, so I’m a little worried about when my husband-to-be and I move in together. I don’t think he’ll be content with eating oatmeal and eggs every night, so it looks like I better start learning now :/….

    • Colleen says:

      Me too! I’m more of a baker and he’s more of a cook. Don’t worry – you’ll figure out how to eat like a married couple after some time. And hey – we had cereal for dinner the other night. I was tired. He was tired. I said “Less than a year ago, we each ate cereal for dinner more than once a week. This is not a big deal” :)

  2. I texted my husband and asked him what he wanted for dinner last night. Found a recipe. Made a grocery list. Then texted him back and told him I didn’t feel like cooking and we went out for Thai instead.

  3. Jackie says:

    This is HILARIOUS. Mostly because on Sunday I was looking for a cucumber for my new salad recipe and first picked up a zuchini. Fortunately, my fiance was there to explain the difference.

  4. Dorsa says:

    OH NO, haha :( That is really funny tho, I am sorry to laugh at your expense, but I totally wasn’t expecting that.

    It will get better I promise :)

  5. Kate says:

    I did this exact same thing last night only the other way around! You win some, you lose some…or more…

  6. haha thanks for getting my morning off to a good start with a laugh :)

  7. Hahaha! Oh, Colleen – don’t worry about it! I’ve done this plenty of times…at least you found the humor in the situation. :)

  8. true story, I sometimes have trouble deciphering the two in the grocery store. for reals.

  9. I have definitely done this before. And bought dulce de leche instead of sweetened condensed milk. And bought honey not cheerios instead of plain. The list does on and on.

  10. haha! oh well… they look virtually the same, so how is anyone really supposed to know?! all zucchini should be yellow.

  11. Stephanie says:

    This made me laugh! My husband loves to cook. Works for me.

  12. Kayla says:

    I think I just died laughing. I only came back to life in order to tell you so. Totally sounds like something I would pull!

  13. Robin says:

    OMG. That is SO funny. I hope you did what any good wife would do in that situation and call Cory and say “Honey, can you stop by the grocery store on your way home and buy two Zucchinis. Thanks, dear. Love you.”

  14. crystal coppel @cuppycakefreak says:

    LOL!! That is such a bummer!!! I have done that before with stuff and I get so mad! I’m so excited to cook whatever recipe I just found and I totally think I have everything I need and then it happens…..I realize I DON’T have everything I need!!! What did you end up doing??

    • Colleen says:

      UGH! The missing ingredient! It happens more often than I’d like to admit. I ended up using broccoli. My rational: We had some in the freezer…and they’re both green. It was pretty blah. But we ate it!

  15. crystal coppel @cuppycakefreak says:

    Good idea! Don’t you find that once you have messed a recipe up like that that no matter what it isn’t gonna taste that good to you? It’s like you get so bummed out and pissed over it that no matter what you do to it you just aren’t gonna be as happy with it now. Attention to detail is key. I’m still working on that…..BIG TIME!!

    • Colleen says:

      For sure! I tried my hardest to convince Cory to go get Chipotle because I knew I wouldn’t like it. :)

      • crystal coppel @cuppycakefreak says:

        Oh man I was craving Chipotle sooo bad yesterday!! I see it in my future so super soon! :) P.S. I want to see more pictures of your doggy!! :)

        • Colleen says:

          I’m working on that! He’s not very good at sitting still – I have about 100 pictures of his backend on my camera haha :)

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  17. Omg, hahaha! That totally sounds like something I would do…of course at first, I’m sure I’d be in some sort of denial and take a minute to debate a global conspiracy against our produce departments. Lol!

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for just over 6 months now. At first, it was all “Oh, I have to make the best of the best meals…I have to impress…I have to show my love through my food”…Now, it’s like, “I’m having a bowl of cereal, if you want one fine, if not, go make a sandwich!” ;)

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