DOHmestic: I’m Getting the Hang of This

Last night I had what felt like a million things going on at once – in a really tight space. I was baking cupcakes, putting away clean dishes, and taking care of laundry.

Okay, not a million things, but you catch my drift.

After I successfully iced my cupcakes, cleaned up the kitchen and folded all the laundry without one tear shed or obscenity yelled, I couldn’t help but have an ‘aha!’ moment. Like, holy shit – I’m kind of getting the hang of things. 

After we got married and I did our laundry for the first time, I cried when I tried to fold Cory’s undershirts. I had never tried to fold anything so big.

I tried so hard to make them neat and tidy like my little shirts, but it was messy. I calculated how expensive it would be to buy new undershirts every week and just adopt a disposable system – but unless I wanted to pick up a second job, that wasn’t happening.

And the first time I tried to bake cookies in college, they were cookies from a bag. You know, you have to add an egg, roll them into balls and put them in the oven. The cookie bag read Ready in 20 minutes! Perfect.

I didn’t realize that 20 minutes included prep time. Let’s just say, I wept over black rocks that were meant to be chocolate chip cookies.

What I’m trying to say is, last night I stopped for a minute to cut myself some slack and realized that I’m not half bad. And that’s a good thing to feel sometimes! You should try it, too!

Let’s chat – What’s something you’ve gotten better at that seemed “hopeless” at first glance? 


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    I am hopeless at domesticated things right now. This gives me inspiration! I just made cupcakes and they turned out terrible. I’m hoping to redeem myself this weekend by making something good. I hope!

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    Those cupcakes are lovely!!! My husband is almost a foot taller than me too so I feel ya on the “big”/”not big” thing. Fortunately he does all of our laundry so I don’t worry about folding his stuff. However, he UNFORTUNATELY folds t-shirts totally bass-awkards and I alwasy end up having to refold. How can I complain though? I haven’t done a load of laundry in a year! Congrats on your ah-ha-dohmestic-moment :)

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    Running has to be my thing.. when I started training I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to do it.. but now I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Soon you will be a pro.. just wait till you throw vacuuming into the mix!

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    haha ooo colleen I am proud, and that is hilarious about the undershirts!
    as much as i can cook and do everything, I cannot for the life of me cook rice. stupid i know. people that cant cook anything can cook rice. it neve turns out right. it is hopeless for me! haha

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    Cutting onions. They’re the worst because as you get frustrated you can’t even help crying because your eyes are burning. I always end up with my eye make-up getting in my eye, too, which makes the burning worse. And being upset with a fairly large knife near fingers is not good. I finally looked up how to properly cut them, though, and now I can slice and dice with them best of them!

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    Keep these posts coming because in a few months, I’m going to need something to look back on that reminds me that you don’t have to strive for perfection in marriage! Thanks for keeping me sane! :)

    And something I recently really gotten the hang of is spin class. At first, I was terrified to even step inside the room, never mind get on one of the bikes. But now, I absolutely love it!

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    The domesticated Goddess feeling usually comes on your 1st anniversary when you look at your husband and realize that A.) He’s still alive and B.) He’s gained a little weight. :)

    In our first apartment the oven was broken, something we didn’t realize until 4 months in. I can not tell you how many burned meals and baked goods Evan happily ate while I cried over all my failed attempts no matter what I tried!!!!

    The only thing that seemed hopeless was Evans messy habits. We’ve been married 6 years now and on occasion I still have to pull him by the hand to the bathroom and make him wipe the counter down from his toothpaste (how does it get everywhere!?) and put the seat down. (3yr old hasnt found the toilet fascinating yet, let’s keep it that way)

    Those cupcakes looks magical.

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    Those cupcakes look TO DIE FOR!

    The thing that I’ve probably spent the most time crying/stressing out over is cake decorating. My grandmother made awesome cakes and spent the majority of my life self-employed as a cake decorator/caterer. Now she has rheumatoid arthritis that keeps her from being able to grasp the bags/decorate cakes the way she once did. Somehow since I enjoy cooking/baking/etc. that baton got passed along to me.

    My first cake was a disaster. I ran out of time and didn’t let it cool long enough, so after about 2 hours of seriously killing myself over some dinosaur “scales” they all fell into a sloppy mess because it melted. haha. After some practice, I’ve successfully made a cake for my parents 25th wedding anniversary and my Godson’s baby shower (an adorable little monkey! -the cake, not my Godson. ha). Now, while I am no pro, I finally feel like I can manage when it comes to cake decorating. :)

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    Oh my gosh, I still don’t know how to fold men’s t-shirts. They never line up right and are so big! I got in trouble the first time I did our laundry…he likes his whites separate from the colors while I wash everything together because I never have time to sort things out. Oops!

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    Yay, this gives me hope for being a good wifey ;)! The first time I baked cookies was in high school. I was 16 and I was attempting to make them for my first real boyfriend. I ended up catching the oven on fire. Thank goodness I’ve come a long way since then :).

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    Oye, since moving in with my fiance in the fall I’ve learned that I am no laundry extraordinaire- many of his white undershirts are now pink 😛 I never had a problem doing my own laundry throughout college and never had any colors run but once I moved in with my fiance, the rainbow seemed to bleed everywhere! ***I have gotten better and now separate the colors and whites but I blame the problem on our old machines hehe***

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    I’m a newlywed as well and your domestic posts are hilarious and hit ohhhh… so close to home. In the begining, food shopping was difficult for me, as simple as that sounds. I wasn’t used to buying for two… and buying enough food for a male. I swear, he is a bottomless pit!

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