DOHmestic Bliss: Kitchen Catastrophe

Yesterday I got home from work with enough time to feel guilty about sitting around watching TV until Cory got home. Although I had two episodes of Snapped recorded, I opted for productivity.

I took the dog for a walk and sweat profusely, did a load of wash, and I thought: Hey, why don’t I just go ahead and prep dinner so I don’t have to worry about it later.

Kabobs are easy enough, I just figured getting them done ahead of time would yield some QT when Cory got home. That’s me – a forward thinker.

First, I chopped the chicken into cubes and threw them in a marinade.

Next, I moved to the onion. I cried my way through that endeavor with burning eyes and a runny nose.

Chop, chop, God DAMN, sniff, chop, chop…

Last was the red pepper, that slippery bitch. I blame it on the aforementioned watery eyes (Cory blames it on my inability to correctly hold a knife – whatever) but while I was enthusiastically chopping and visualizing my acceptance of the Organized Wife of the Year award, my huge-ass knife slipped...

…and took a huge-ass chunk out of my finger.

Like any young, married woman would do, I immediately contacted my mother.

After my mom assured me that my blunder was not as big of a domestic fail as I was making it out to be, I felt a little better.

Now if only she could have reminded me to soak those wooden kabob sticks before putting them in the oven…

Unfazed at this point in our relationship, Cory reminded me that I could have potentially burnt down the entire apartment complex. Clearly, this was not news to me, the “chef” who uses the smoke detector as her timer.

Like my man Jimmy Buffet says: If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane 😉

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    Haha love it. I actually bought my Mom these onion goggles from Amazon that are supposed to prevent crying while onion chopping – we both cry like babies. Apparently they work! Until I get a pair of my own, I try to get my boyfriend to do all the onion chopping!

  2. says

    Tip for peppers: Chop those suckers in half or forths and cut them from the inside out. The inside is much less slippery than the outside. (TWSS?)

    Also, don’t feel bad. My bff was over this weekend and almost chopped her finger off while cutting up pineapple. She got blood on the cutting board, the floor, a dog toy and the dog. It was disasterously awesome.

  3. says

    Ooh! I made kabobs for dinner last night too! Chicken/peppers/zucchini. My first time. Very exciting. Funny, while I was grilling them in a deep pan on the stove I kept worrying that the wooden skewers might be a fire hazard. Good to know I was right – I was a mere side glance away from setting fire to the house. I’m sure a simple Google search could’ve eased my mind on that one. I stuck with staring at the pan like a hawk. You know, the logical decision.

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    hahaha you crack me up! I too have had some minor knife slips.. which is maybe why the hubby gets scared from time to time when he’s watching me cut up veggies. I’m glad it was just a minor cut though girl, and no hospital run or stitches were needed!

    –hope those kabobs were good :)


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