Dear Self

I was home this week for class, and in my childhood bedroom are stacks upon stacks of notebooks filled with my innermost thoughts from the ages of 11 to 23. When I was younger, I felt nerdy for constant journaling, but now I think it’s pretty cool that I documented a good chunk of my life.

Reading through pages of my journals, I wanted so badly to have the ability to shake my past self and tell her a few things:

1. 7th grade self, you are not as fat as you think you are.

2. 8th grade self, please don’t try to play basketball or softball ever again. You are terrible awkward.

3. 9th grade self, no – you will not marry your current boyfriend. Stop being a diva.

4. 10th grade self, nope – still not getting married to him. And it’s okay that you’re not drinking on the weekends like everyone else. Wait a years – you’ll catch up πŸ˜‰

5. 11th grade self, WEAR SUN SCREEN.

6. 12th grade self, stop worrying about going off to college and not being smart enough. Little do you know, you’re about to experience the best four years of your life.

7. Freshman self, yes, finally. This is the boyfriend you will end up marrying.

8. Sophomore self, bitches be crazy. Friendship is about quality, not quantity.

9. Junior self, you should drink more.

10. Senior self, little do you know, all of your worrying is for not. Slow down. Things will work out. Stop sweating the small stuff. And really, 99.9% of the stuff you worry about, is small stuff πŸ˜‰

Let’s chat – What would you tell your 9th grade self?


  1. says

    Wow – this is really, really awesome!! Thank you for sharing! I’m sure we all have things we’d love to go back and tell ourselves :-) I know I do – ohhhhh boy!

    • Colleen says

      You’re my sunscreen queen. Whyyy didn’t I wear it as a teenager?! Like you’ve said a million times – a tan is NOT worth it.

  2. says

    Aw man, I so wish that I kept journals the past several years.

    I think if I could tell my past self anything …

    4th Grade Self: Maybe you should learn how to use the brakes on a 10 speed bike before going down a hill.

    8th Grade Self: Stop obsessing over boys that are not interested in you and look at the ones who are.

    10th Grade Self: Strip poker while home alone with your boyfriend is not a good idea (this was probably actually journaled).

    College self: GO OUT AND PARTY FOR GOD’S SAKE. Grades don’t matter to future employers β€”Β you’re a graphic designer. It’s all in the portfolio.

    24-year-old-self: Get out of this job now. Bitch be crazy. Go apply to grad school.

    25-year-old-self: SLOOOWWW DOWN. This is the guy you’re [probably] going to marry. Don’t rush all the good stuff.

    Thanks for this post! It got me thinking. :)

    • Colleen says

      Right?! I tell my two best friends, who happen to be my sorority sisters, that they are the most expensive friends I’ll ever have πŸ˜‰

  3. says

    bitches do be crazy right?! haha
    i would have skipped the tanning bed. and in high school, i would have drank less and went to school more than 3 days a week. actually… I dunno that id change that… it was fun! haha

  4. says

    “8. Sophomore self, bitches be crazy. Friendship is about quality, not quantity.” Lmao!! This is my fav!! I would tell my grade 9 self, Bitches…what! they be everywhere!! They come in all shapes and sizes. That the fewer friends you have the better, they are the ones who will always be there. Also, that high school does not determine who you become. Your twenties are the best time of your life. Travel is so important, travel more, don’t worry things will all come together. There is not cookie cutter idea of how life should be. Don’t stress! Stop worrying! Dream big dreams!!


    • Colleen says

      So true! I wanted to scream every time someone said that high school was “the best time of my life.” I was like – Oh God. Shoot me now, then.

  5. LK says

    I would tell my high school self not to be so mean to people. I was literally Regina George. So clearly, not much has changed.

  6. Susan Ernst says

    Love this post! So many things I would tell my younger self! Like in the 10th grade: blond is not a good look for me, sunscreen is mandatory, you will not marry your college boyfriend…thank god! You are smarter than you think and will not only go to college but grad school as well! wait for your prince charming…he will come at 25:-) on the other hand going through this crazy journey has made me who I am today!

    • Colleen says

      Those are all great, Susan! I always wanted to try blonde, but never had the guts to do it. I’ll take your advice, though :) And I agree, I wouldn’t change a thing because I like who I am today – but MAN! Reading your old thoughts/words is like, “Really? Really?!” πŸ˜‰

  7. Robin says

    I’d tell myself to stop pouting about Mom not letting me go on a date until I was 15+ because she was right. I was too young to date.

  8. says

    this is adorable.

    also – let this post help to remind you that ANYTHING you are currently worrying over, will not seem like a big deal AT ALL in 10 years. :) perspective!

  9. Jennifer (The Gourmetour) says

    “you’re not 23, so stop acting like it.”

    “oh yeah, and one other thing.. you’re going to boarding school next year. Lifes about to get a little harder, then a whole lot better. This will be a defining moment for you.”

  10. Lindsay Harlow says

    I would like to tell 9th grade me to let it all go because in a year it wont matter anymore. And in a few years you’ll meet someone who makes you feel happier than you can even fathom right now! And keep looking up to your cousin Colleen, she’s in the process of achieving great things πŸ˜‰


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