Dear [Lunchbox] Diary

Heather is by far one of the most talented writers I have ever come across. And what’s even cooler? She’s as kind as she is talented. Like all of my guest posters so far, Heather is a blogger I’d love to meet up and have coffee with. Enjoy her wildly creative guest post!
Dear Lunchbox Diary,

I have a crush on every boy.  No, really, I don’t.  But I do often feel that when I start an entry to my lunchbox diary with the words “dear lunchbox diary” that I need to confess some sort of scandalous crush, so you know, I’m just trying to be legit here.

Diary entries are often fill with the inside scoop.  Secrets, revelations, and buckets-worth of emotions, right?

Let’s see what  I can do…

I love my lunchbox.

I love it for being cute, with it’s green and white branch design.  I love the bright orange birds, hanging out on those branches.  I love that this lunchbox is stylish, and a bit more grown up than the Power Rangers lunchbox I may or may not have under my kitchen sink.  I am not ashamed to bring it to the office, the park, or the coffee shop, either.

I love the possibilities my lunchbox holds.  It is easily filled with old favorites, like the Left-over Sammie, a container of my favorite Chobani with mix-ins, or a bowl of soup to be heated at the office.

I love that the lunchbox can hold new things, too!  Creative ideas I throw together through the grogginess of the morning, stumbling around the kitchen with my eyes half closed.  A little of this, a little of that, and to-dah: Lunch!  How about my favorite fish tacos minus the shell, served in a lettuce wrap? Don’t mind if I zippity-DO-dah.

There are times, when my lunchbox is filled with such goodness, that I literally can not keep it to myself. I need to share with the people in my life.  With my boss or co-workers on a Wednesday, I might share some delicious leftovers I’ve brought into the office.  Macaroni & Long Island Cheese Squash has been a hit among my friends at work.  I slice it into rectangles, slide them into Ziploc bags and bring enough for everyone.

If I’m headed to the park for a picnic lunch with friends, I like to bring something snacky.  The most delicious Cheddar Cheese Muffins or my super garlicky Greek Olive Hummus with vegetable and pita chip dippers are easily shared on a blanket in the park, as we giggle at children and puppies nearby.

When I’m headed to the coffee shop, to type one million words, meet with pals, or play a game of scrabble, I bring a parting gift for my opponents.  The most delicious [easy] cookies ever, or their opponents, the second most delicious [easy] cookies ever.  After all, I’m nothing if not a good sharer. [and an excellent Scrabble player]  My lunchbox makes an excellent cookie carrier.

I guess that makes it official.  I really love my lunchbox.  I know, I know…. so, why don’t I marry it?



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