Damn it, Internet

Cory and I are pretty active Longwood alumni. One of the many events Cory volunteers for is the etiquette dinner put on for students of the business school. After much coaxing, I got an invite, too. (Thanks, “Scott”!!)

It’s a fabulous opportunity for students to network, and to understand that eating with business professional differs greatly from eating with friends in the dining hall.

I was super nervous, mainly because I’m a spaz and have the tendency to be wildly inappropriate. Events that call for actual etiquette give me PTSD-like flashbacks to my cotillion days.

I digress.

The evening starting with a mocktail hour (BUMMER) and a wave of nervous students entered the room.

I was sweating and I didn’t know what to do with my hands.

A seating chart had been arranged ahead of time, and the students were instructed to find and introduce themselves to the “professionals” who were seated at their table.

A lovely girl introduced herself to me, and casually shared her impressive accolades. She then admitted that the students were told to research the “professionals” with whom they’d be dining. Shit. 

Oh really?! I say. What did you find out about Cory and I? 

Well, I know where Mr. Nichols works and that he’s on the advisory board, and I saw a few pictures of him. 

And me? 

Well, I found a blog you write. 

Oh. (Shit. Shit. Shit.) 

And, well, I knew you’d be bummed that this was a mocktail hour, that’s for sure. 

At this point Cory enters the conversation and says, So I’m sure you also know she’s a huge fan of the F Bomb. 

And that, my friends, is the story of my life.



    • Colleen says

      Lindsay, YOU WORK AT LONGWOOD?!?!?!!!! I had no idea! What do you do there? I’m sure we know so many of the same people!

  1. CMO says

    I didn’t know you went to Longwood!! My boyfriend is an adjunct professor there. He teaches a summer field course on storm chasing!

  2. Charles says

    Scott thanks you both for coming and also wishes the cocktails were real. Get here a little early next time and he will buy you both a cocktail before the reception.

  3. Lindsay says

    HAHAH! I sent the link to this post to my friend because I feel like it describes me in a nutshell as well! I love how similar we are sometimes. Her’s and Cory’s comments are so priceless. We are proud Irish catholic women (swearing like a sailor and drinking like a fish)

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