Daily First World Struggles for a White Girl

Putting yoga pants on backwards because I wear them so often that the printed tag on the back has worn off.


Wanting to belt out Alanis Morissette’s Hand in my Pocket but never correctly singing what the other hand is doing. Is it giving a high five? Smoking a cigarette? Hailing a taxi cab?

Binge watching season 1 of (enter stupid drama here) in approximately 10 hours, and being devastated that season 2 is not available.

Running out of skips on Spotify.

When the shower water is too cold, but moving the dial one fraction to the right? My skin burns off.

Having to stop and get gas. Double struggle if it’s rainy/windy/cold.

Knowing I have a full DVR waiting for me at home, but having to go do things like, work.

Starbucks without a drive-thru.

Daily functions that require putting on a “real” bra and/or “real” pants.

Forgetting to charge my laptop, so I have to look at Pinterest and Facebook on my phone.

Messing up the rap part in my favorite pop songs.

Running out of Barefoot Riesling.



  1. Calla says

    So after reading this, it’s official: we ARE in fact the same person. We basically should have been bffs in college. Damnit!

    • Colleen says

      If I wasn’t such a dweeb we should have been! You are so cool and I was totally intimidated! Now, I realized that’s just silly because we ARE the same person.

      • Calla says

        That made me LOL because I am the biggest nerd everrrrr I promise I am not cool!! I think my entire family would gladly attest to this! :) If we ever get to move back to Richmond, we will hang out (basically this means eat and drink wine)!

  2. Chelsea says

    Haha this is hilarious, and so accurate! I would also add that sometimes my puppy wants me to play with him too much. (I love playing with him but I think after an hour of tug-of-war we should get a break!)

  3. alicia y says

    love the list!!!
    also, I’d like to add this: having a ton to do at work but getting sucked into the pinterest and instagram world on my phone instead…especially pinning a bunch of crap/recipes I will never actually use


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