Couple Friends

Couple friends.

Hard as shit to come by, am I right? It’s terribly difficult to find another couple that’s as cool, and funny, and equally good looking as you and your partner. I get it.

Cory and I have our best couple friends, Bobby and Whitney. Seriously, we’re a match made in couple friends heaven. We love them. 

If couple friends could be married, we’d marry Bobby and Whitney. 

Sadly, since the move, our relationship is long-distance. It keeps our relationship fresh and exciting though, so it’s not all bad 😉

Finding couple friends is like dating, but twice as difficult. You want so badly for the girl to like you (and think you’re pretty?), and you are praying to the dating gods that your husband doesn’t make an inappropriate joke “too soon.” You know what I mean?

Save that borderline bestiality joke for the third date. 

My friend Kelly and I were talking this weekend, and we decided that there should be a simple application process for finding couple friends.

We decide the most important question would be:

What time do you do to bed? Because honestly, we won’t make it with a couple who wants to go to dinner at 8 and follow it up with a movie. I’d fall asleep in between the appetizers and the main course. I’d also be a hangry bitch if I had to wait until 8:00 to eat dinner. 

Followed by:

Do you laugh at inappropriate/vulgar jokes? If I have to stay PG, shit ain’t gonna work out. 

Concluded with:

Are you a rager? Sure, I like my fair share of adult bevs, but I’m not going HAM on a regular basis. We like watching movies, having a drink or two, and eating pizza. I don’t own stilettos and I’ve never been to a a club in my life.

In addition, if we’ve been serious couple dating for a while, I’m not trying to get dressed up for you every time. You know what I mean? Come hang out in your yoga pants and watch trashy TV with me while the boys play video games.

Then we can all go home and be in bed by 10. Okay – 9:30 😉 



  1. says

    I agree! Finding couple friends is hard to do! I can totally relate–I find that a lot of times I’ll be great friends with the girl but her husband is a little strange or vice versa!

    We had a great couple we used to hang out with and then they went and moved to Florida on us. We’re in the market for some new couple friends.

    And I’m definitely not one to wait until 8pm to eat…6pm is pushing it for this early-eater. I like to be in my pajamas by 9. ha ha.

  2. Gabby @ Gabby's Gluten-Free says

    I totally agree! Couple friends are hard to find. My husband has a crazy schedule and I technically have two jobs so our schedules make it even more challenging.

  3. LifeOfTheParty says

    You know what…this is so true. I am happy to see that you’ve published your jealousy for the connection that Cory and I have. Anyway…we miss you guys and we are so looking forward to next weekend!

  4. says

    Omg, Colleen. I seriously just laughed out loud at work. Thanks. And also just admitted I’m not doing work at work. Oops. Screw it.

    I filled out your application for you…you can thank me later:

    Bed Time: I’m totes down with 10pm. I don’t think I’ve been awake past midnight in AWHILE.

    Vulgarity: If I was offended by innappropriate/vulgar jokes then I would hate….HATE….my husband. I don’t know anyone that knows Jon that would classify him as appropriate…and that is why I love him.

    Rager status: I can get down, please believe. But on a week night? Eff you. I have to get up at ass-crack-dawn and I’m not doing shit the night before. On a weekend? Vacation? I’m totally down. But again, see my bed time. It often still applies.

    Good luck with your search :)

  5. says

    I love this!! It is SO hard to find good couples to hang out with. If I can’t talk about sex or let the my sailor language out once in a while, it just won’t work!! Thankfully we do have a great set of “couple” friends and I 100% do not take them for granted, lol!!

  6. says

    You are sooo right on this! My husband & I only have ONE couple that we go out with on a regular basis. It’s hard to find people who mesh with you as a couple, but that you also like individually. Great post!

  7. says

    For real, the fiance and I are in the same boat! We agree with all of your application criteria, now that I’m a grown up and have to actually get up and be productive in the morning there is no way I could make an 8pm dinner or drink it up. Maybe if I can wear yoga pants, a free t-shirt from a 5K, my glasses, and no makeup, does that work?

  8. says

    ummmm we are a couple friends match made in HEAVEN. For real though. Also adding to the list-you really need to enjoy food. Because we’re kind of obsessed with all food-not in the “i need to go to a fancy restaurant” kind of way but in the “i need to eat often and a variety of things” kind of way.

  9. says

    Okay I feel like finding great friends is just as hard as finding love. I mean, what are you supposed to do…hang out at a bar and see if you are a match? Go to a movie and stare at people you wish were your friends? Where do you find great friends after the high school and college days?! #reallifeproblems

  10. says

    I’m totally with you on this! Most of our friends are still single and it’s hard getting 2 couples where everyone clicks. We tried with one couple when I first moved out to be with my husband and it was sooooo awkward. They still try occasionally to hang out, but there are too many dead silences for us. :)

  11. Lissa says

    My husband and I have been in SC for 3.5 years (moving on Friday) and never really found any couple friends! We did have the perfect match but they were only here together for a couple months before they moved away. We’re moving in Kuwait in August to teach at an international school and I’m really hoping we can find some good couple friends there since we will be living & working with them! <3 the idea of an application :)

  12. Ashley Jarrett says

    HAHA!! I just died laughing because our application sounds alike! I enjoy nights out, but I have a bed time and my pj’s are more comfy than regular clothes!!!

  13. Danielle says

    HELLO?????? We are only 55 min away betch! Anytime you wanna invite us over for some trashy TV / drinks and video games/ cigars for the boys we are SO DOWN!

  14. says

    I wish we lived close to one another – we would be a great dating couple for you.

    a) inappropriate jokes are what keeps our marriage alive.
    b) I like to be in bed by 10:00
    c) I’m good with a glass or two of wine, just enough to keep some good conversation flowing and for me to feel a bit happy.

  15. says

    Ha I know what you mean! I realized we had found our couple when we stopped knocking when we get to each others house, and I have “my” cup in their kitchen!

  16. says

    I love this! Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? There was an episode discussing this very topic — it was so funny! My best friend and I are very similar, so it’s no surprise that our significant others are similar too. When we hang out, the guys can do their thing, we can do our thing, and we can all be home by 10pm. Friends like that are hard to come by.

  17. Mia says

    Am I the only one who got stuck on the fact the they are named Bobby and Whitney? That’s just as great as the couple friends I know named Zack and Kelly.

    • Colleen says

      HAH! No, it’s not lost on me. But it did take a while for it to click. One of them mentioned it last time we were together. I would have never thought of it otherwise! Zach and Kelly?! SO cute. Cory’s older brother is Eric. If only my name was Topanga.

  18. says

    Haha, literally laughed out loud 😛 I’m pretty sure that my fiance and I would pass your couples criteria… Dinner and fun and bed by 9:30, perfection! If only you didn’t move down to RVA [my birthplace], ha!

  19. says

    I cannot EXACTLY relate (not being in a couple myself), but I laughed right along with you, because I think these are probably questions I would ask of ANY friend whom I was ‘interviewing for the job.’ :)

    Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? There is a great episode about this situation…

  20. says

    A couple’s without the creepers! I think it’s harder to find couple friends than friends in general, we have one that my husband has known for years- and we all get along fine (so do the kids- big plus!) but the lifestyle they live doesn’t mesh the greatest with ours when you consider interests and work schedules.

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