Cheap Date

Cory often boasts that I’m a cheap date.

I like to split meals.

I get a buzz off of one drink.

I’d rather go to the movies during the day.

I believe in coupons.

I’m don’t believe in sending flowers.

So this morning, as we checked in at the gym, Cory happily told the front desk guy that I am a cheap date.


Because all I wanted was for Valentine’s Day was for him to come to Body Pump with me.

And he did :)

I hope you have a great Thursday, my friends! I’ll catch you tomorrow (and announce the winner of the Hot Oats give away!)


  1. says

    You are one lucky girl! I want Mike to come to spinning with me, I even asked for that for my birthday one year, and it has yet to happen. He did come to Body Pump with me once and that was a little awkward–maybe that’s why he hasn’t come to spin. How did Cory do?

    Happy Valentine’s Day, girl! Sending lots of love your way!

  2. Emilie says

    It continues to amaze me how exactly alike we are when I read your posts. I could have easily written this…I take pride in being a cheap date :)

  3. Julia says

    So cute! My boyfriend and I were supposed to have a BodyPump date tonight too – but our gym cancelled all the night classes because of the holiday, boo.

  4. says

    I love when guys will go out of their element for you! I got my boyfriend to come to pilates and I was just smiling the whole time watching him try and struggle. Some one needs to stretch more!

  5. says

    hi! i just found your blog through the Healthy Living Blogs site :) ..i’m a cheap date too! i have a whole binder full of coupons and after one glass of wine i’m giggling like you’re the funniest person on earth lol :) hope you enjoy the rest of your valentine’s day ♥ looking fwd to reading more of your blog! :)

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