Cereal Crisis

Hello, hello! Happy Friday, friends :) It’s a pretty gloomy day here, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s the weekend – so I’ll take it!


I’m surprised that I even remembered what to do when I got to the gym this morning. It feels like it’s been 10 years since I’ve been. I did this strength circuit and spent a very sweaty 25 minutes running on the treadmill. I’ve read that if you do intervals, you don’t have to stay on that wretched machine the treadmill as long compared to a one-speed run.

If that’s not true, please don’t correct me.


Two very scary things happened this morning in regards to my favorite meal. #1 – I had no milk or cereal in my possession. #2 – Giant was out of Quaker Oatmeal Squares. I went ape shit and knocked cereal boxes off the wall in hopes that one solitary Quaker Oats box was hiding amongst the granola and Kashi – but no such luck.

I had to resort to Puffins.

Don’t get me wrong. Puffins were my jam during my freshman year of college. But I think I ate them one-too-many times, if you knowwaddaImean. Now I just smell my old dorm when I eat them.

Stranger things have happened, friends.

Foods Alive

The only thing that helped mend my broken heart was the fact that Foods Alive sent me some fantastic products to try out – chia seeds being one of them. They made an appearance in my poor-man’s cereal combo and really stole the show.

They sent me some of their flax crackers and raw peanuts as well!

I opened the Maple Cinnamon crackers as soon as I got my paws on them, and they were delicious. The peanuts were unlike any peanuts I’ve ever tasted – maybe because I’ve never had raw peanuts? I’d be lying if I said I like my peanuts sans salt, but these were good and healthy-tasting. I think I’ll be making them into peanut butter soon! :)

Alrighty, friends! I am now getting into research mode to find cute and exciting wedding reception decoration ideas. If you have any, send ‘em my way! Have a great Friday! I’ll catch ya later ;)

Let’s chat – What flavor cracker sounds better to you – Maple Cinnamon or Mexican Fiesta? 


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    my job has an entire room of cereal and when I saw the one I wanted in there today I shouted YES. it’s a glorious feeling. you’ll get em next week, colleen! ;)(…or maybe tomorrow)


  2. says

    Mexican Fiesta! I’m a Mexican everything kind of girl. Sorry for the cereal scare! I’m not sure what I’d do if I woke up to no oatmeal one morning.

  3. says

    I think I’m going to have to go with the maple on this one. That’s awesome about the chia seeds too though – still have yet to try those…

  4. says

    haha I know what you mean about like, overdoing it on some cereals (or any food really) but I LOVE puffins. I like the peanut butter ones so much that I legit can’t buy them, or I can’t be trusted around the box. Pretty sad ;)

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    Both sound delish! I thought about it for a minute and couldn’t decide! LOL! I have some ideas for wedding receptions – as I’ve been dreaming about my own for like 20 years. :) I’ll send you an email!!!

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    Being out of your favorite breakfast food? Eep! I would die. I’m kinda anal about making sure I always have what I need for breakfast on hand, or my day feels… off O.o

    As for the crackers, maple cinnamon for sure ’cause I have a huge sweet tooth :)

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    The maple cinnamon sounds awesome!
    Quaker Oatmeal Squares are da bomb but now you have me craving Puffins… it’s been a while.
    Intervals are awesome. I’ve heard plenty that says intervals are the way to go. I’ve been doing them a lot more lately, they’re nice and sweaty and they leave more time for some good strength moves too, bonus!

  8. says

    another vote for maple cinnamon!
    ugh, i get so upset when i can’t find what i want at the store, too! i actually like trying a different cereal every time – but yesterday I had to go three different places just to get hummus. not cool.
    hah, the other day i was out of milk and ended up using a little bit of coffee as my milk. did i just admit that?

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    Omg girl I’m sorry about your cereal crisis!! I woke up one time starving and had no milk at home. I cried then went to the store. Yes I’m totally crazy lol

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