Group Fitness is for Pretty Girls

Okay, don’t let the title fool you. I’m just as enraged and confused as you are.

This morning, I went to the gym to achieve what I like to call Jell-o Arm Status. It was achieved, but that’s besides the point.

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 10.27.36 AM

As I was totally shredding my biceps, this (older) douche bag dude kept giving shit to every other guy that came through the room.

Hey, Mark! Glad to see you got your lazy ass outta bed this morning!

What’s up, Steve, you sonofabitch?

I was slightly annoyed, but Adam Levine was on the TV screen, so I was able to tune out most of his obnoxious bull shit. But then, I saw Paul, an older gentleman who is normally in Body Pump with me.

I gave him the Familiar Stranger Smile, and not a second later, The Douche Bag Dude approaches Paul.

Paul! My man! I’m glad to see you’re here in the weight room with the BIG BOYS and not that silly girl’s class. 

I could hear Paul laugh uncomfortably as I was laying down on the bench doing my chest presses.

Douche Bag continued, Paul – you need me to give you some real motivation. What can those girls in that class do for you besides stand there and look pretty?

I so badly wanted to swing a kettle bell and hit that guy straight in the throat, but I refrained.

I was so ticked off for some reason. Mainly because I hate douche bags who think if they simply STAND amongst the weights for an hour and talk shit, they’ve accomplished something. And secondly, dude, shut the fuck up. I’m sure every “pretty little girl” who takes Body Pump could easily kick your ass.

– end rant –

Motivation to MOVE

Before Cory and I moved, my BFF was my workout buddy. Knowing that she was going to meet me at the gym made the 5:20 AM wake-up call seem doable. In my opinion, working out with my friends is always more fun.

As you know, we moved, and I have to admit that my workout routine has started to majorly slack. Call me needy and co-dependant, but I need other people to motivate me.

And I don’t mean reading blogs about people who run 15 miles a day and don’t eat dessert. I mean, I need people doing things with me.

I only have three friends, and one is married to me. NBD.

This is why I was SO thrilled when Kelli contacted me about hosting a challenge through ChallengeLoop. At first I was hesitant because, let’s be honest, I don’t really have a fitness “niche.”

I simply workout so I can eat whatever I want. Oh, the working out/eating thing? Only one of those things has slacked recently…

Here at the Lunchbox Diaries, I’m not about the frills – I try my best to keep it real, and I think most of you appreciate that.

This is where my challenge comes in.

I’m challenging all of us (i.e. myself included) to MOVE for at least 30 minutes, 4 times per week.

You can walk your dog, do your Crossfit thang, create a quick circuit workout, go to your favorite class at the gym – anything that gets you active and off your ass.

Here are some details

  • The challenge officially begins JUNE 1st, but you can accept the challenge TODAY.
  • I made sure to ask this – when you sign up with your email, you won’t be spammed. You’ll only receive monthly emails about challenges.
  • There are PRIZES involved. As of now, Love Grown Foods is on board, and I think we have a few more goodies coming our way!
  • To win, you have to sign up (duh) and you have to post on my ChallengeLoop page at least 8 times in the month of June; simply tell everyone what you’re up to (fitness-wise, not life-wise 😉 )
  • Not mandatory, but please tweet me when you sign up and/or MOVE! Our official hashtag is #MotivationtoMOVE

I’m so excited about this challenge because people will be motivating each other, sharing their ideas, and checking in on a frequent basis! I am committed to logging all my workouts on my ChallengeLoop page, and cheering on everyone who decides to participate!

Come on, join the conversation! Find your motivation to MOVE!

Disclosure: I am NOT compensated for this challenge – I’m genuinely doing this for the motivation. I hope you join me! 

Kids at Body Pump

I’ll admit that I’m totally guilty of judging people that I don’t know. I’m not saying I’m vicious, but I am human.

That said, one place were I find myself refraining from judgement is at the gym. I know it takes guts to try something new, and I know it takes a hell of a lot of determination to simply get yourself there.

Also, I’m usually so focused on not making an ass out of myself that I don’t may much attention to other people.

So, this brings me to yesterdays Body Pump.

A woman had brought her 10(ish) year old daughter to the class. To top it off, the little girl was drinking, what I’m assuming to be, Starbucks coffee (it was in a Starbucks cup, and I eavesdropped overheard her mention it being coffee.)

Let’s be clear: I am highly aware that everyone parents differently; there isn’t one “right” or “wrong” way to parent. I also know that I do not have children yet. Although, when I see situations like this, I do think to myself, if I were a parent, what would I do? 

I’m not making the assumption that this woman is a bad mother. It just felt wrong to see a little girl at a weight lifting class, java in hand.

I am a huge advocate for healthy, active children, but in my mind active children are riding bikes, jumping rope, swimming, going on walks, etc.

In the past few weeks, I’ve had several mothers mention to me that their 4 – 6 year old daughters are already expressing signs of being self conscious about their bodies. This makes me wonder, is there a “right” or “wrong” way to talk to children about working out and being active? It it beneficial for little children attend fitness classes designed for adults?

I’d love, love, love to hear your opinion.

Workout Motivation

Here’s the truth: Lately, my motivation for working out has been less than stellar. I know that it’s a combination of laziness, boredom, and the lack of a workout buddy.


When I find myself hating the gym, I have to hit the reset button and find a way to re-motivate myself. “Thin-spiration” doesn’t work for me; in all honesty it does the exact opposite.

via – yes, that’s real.

As cheesy as it sounds, motivational quotes have the ability to seriously get my ass in gear. It’s funny how Life works, because today’s Body Attack instructor told the class (at least three times):

There will come a day when we can no longer do this – but today is not that day.

That quote genuinely inspired me get through some awful, terrible, I-just-want-to-stop-this moments in class.

So, I TRULY want to know – what inspires YOU to get out there and sweat?! 


“Shutting Off” Your Mind During Yoga

Ever since I’ve started publicly loving on yoga, I’ve heard the same thing from so many people: I can’t do yoga because my mind just doesn’t stop! 

First off, I am the Busy Body Queen of the Type A folk, so if I can benefit from yoga, anyone can.

The biggest suggestion I have goes for any type of fitness tip: you have to want it. If you think yoga is a waste of time, you won’t benefit. Just like if you went to a Body Pump class and didn’t use enough weights to push yourself, you’d fail to see results.

I had gotten to the point where I needed yoga to work. I wanted yoga to work. I was desperate to find a way to slow down and calm my thoughts while still challenging myself at the same time.

I have come to find that yoga doesn’t require “shutting off” my mind. It simply requires me to focus my thoughts on the present. For me, while practicing yoga, that means focusing on my breath, the way my body feels, and what the instructor is saying.


It’s taken work, but I have simply had to learn to refocus my mind from worries and distractions to the present.

If you’re a “my mind doesn’t stop” type of person who wants to try yoga, just know that it takes time! Don’t make up your mind after one or two classes. Work at it, and I promise you’ll reap the amazing benefits!

Nuggets of Wisdom

If you’ve been around for a few weeks, you know that lately, I’ve been loving yoga. (Please note that “love yoga” and “am good at yoga” are not synonymous.)

(According to the newest Men’s Health issue, Adam loves yoga, too.)

Before this year, I poo-poo’d yoga. I’ll admit – I didn’t think it was a “real” workout. But since I’ve started, I’ve noticed something: 90% of the yogis I’ve come across are lean and toned. So maybe there is something to this yoga thing…

I’m still keeping up with Body Pump, but the “yogi” status is a new fitness ideal that I’m chasing, and I’m genuinely enjoying the challenge (and savasana 😉 )

While I’m loving the physical challenge that is yoga, I’m also enjoying the wonders it’s doing for my mental health. Each practice, the instructor always offers such valuable nuggets of wisdom, and I find myself having constant “ah-ha” moments.

Here’s yesterday’s “nugget” that stuck with me. I hope it resonates with you!

Have a great weekend, my friends!

Four Things Friday

1. As a non-Valentine’s Day celebrator, I best Valentine’s Day. As you know, Cory went to 6 AM Body Pump with me, but the fun didn’t stop there, my friends. After work we had a super-fancy dinner at Chick-fil-a. We split a milkshake on the drive home and spent the rest of the night lounging around. It was perfect.


2. On the way home from Chick-fil-a (while gulping down a milkshake),we stopped by Walgreens because Cory was APPALLED that I’d never tried a Whitman’s Sampler(?) “REALLY?! How could you have NEVER tried a Whitman’s Sampler?!” I then reminded him that he’s been my Valentine for the past 7 years, so if anyone is to blame… 😉

3. I made it to yoga this morning. I’m still super inflexible. I’m wondering how long it’s going to take before I can keep my legs straight during anything.

4. The winner of the Love Grown Foods Hot Oats give away is #69, Gina!

Congratulations, Gina! Please email me your mailing address to lunchboxdiaries[at]gmail[dot]com!

Have a great weekend, my friends! I’ll catch ya later! :)

Weekend Things

It’s Monday again.

I can’t complain, really, because my weekend was pretty great. I did a whole lotta nothin’ – which was exactly what the doctor (not really) ordered.

On Friday, I forced myself to make it to Body Pump after work. Did I mention that it was Friday? After work?

I was slightly annoyed because the instructor had on a full face of make-up and left her (really long) hair down. Did I miss out on the Prom Edition of Body Pump memo?

It was a struggle to get past the make up, but it helped when she congratulated everyone for coming on Friday after work. Nice, I thought, she knows this is an accomplishment.

But then I harshly judged her again after she went on to say, Is anyone going to happy hour after this?

YOU KNOW IT. I thought to myself.

Not me, she says. THIS is my happy hour.

Oh, vomit.  

I was able to shake the Beauty Queen of Body Pump on Saturday morning at Body Flow. Per the usual, I was the first one there.

A few people (via Instagram) were concerned about the fact that I was looking pretty emo just sitting in the dark. Fear not. The instructors at my gym always hold yoga and Flow in a dimly lit room. I really enjoy it.

Maybe that is pretty emo of me.

When I got home, Cory made us breakfast. He loves cooking breakfast, which is perfect because I love eating breakfast.

Later in the day, Emily and Jamie came over to lounge and do nothing. It was pretty fantastic. And now, with a recharged battery, I’m off to conquer this week.


The Couple that Namastes Together, Stays Together(?)

Today, Cory and I tried something new and took a yoga class together.

I hyped up this upcoming experience like nobody’s business because yoga at my old gym was totally perfect.

Cory, you’ll feel so relaxed and centered.


Cory, the couple that namastes together, STAYS together. 

Cory. Get ready for your life to be changed. Forever. 

At this point Cory looked through the windows to my soul and told me to namastopit.

So, 5:30 AM came and I was ready and excited to calm the hell down and find my center.

Unfortunately, the instructor was a snobby substitute for the normal instructor. I was hoping for a nice Vinyasa flow, but she was more of a bougie show off than anything else. At one point, she asked the class “Do you guys do (insert random body-twisting pose here)?” And everyone shrugged, as best as the could while in bow pose.


She replied in a snarky tone, “It really helps if you learn the lingo.”

At this point, I look to Cory, who looks just as hilariously as uncomfortable as I do, and I laugh out loud.

It felt worse than laughing in church during Station of the Cross.

Needless to say, Cory hated it and my words currently hold no weight in this household. I’m hoping to redeem myself soon.

Let’s chat – Do you and your partner workout together? If you’re single, do you have a workout buddy?

So, What Have I Been Up To?

Hello, friends! Oh my goodness, what a busy week it’s been. Has anyone else moved recently? Good God – it’s a task! Don’t get wrong – I’m not complaining – I’m simply trying to give you a valid reason as to why my blog has been on the back burner the past few days. 😉

So, what have I been up to?

Moving, of course. And feeling out all the adjustments that go along with a new home.

Like the random noises in the night that remind me of all the horrific, yet fascinating, Criminal Minds marathons I’ve been scarred by enjoyed.

Or you know, like, the double oven. Yet another example of how domestically challenged I happen to be. I’m glad that my brother’s girlfriend, Erin,  was there to capture my candid confusion. 😉 

Filming for a TV show. So fun. But so exhausting! I now have a new appreciation for the Kardashians. I mean, Kourtney and I are pretty much the same person these days. Right?

I ooze sex appeal.

Joining a new gym. Yesterday ended a 10-day hiatus from working out. I was oddly nervous before I went to our new gym for the first time. It was strange feeling “lost” in a gym, but let’s just, say spin class hurt just as much as last time. #SOREprivates

I have posts coming up on all these separate topics, but they’ll come at a time when my extra curricular activities cease to include unpacking and reorganizing my entire life 😉

Let’s chat – What have YOU been up to?! Tell me everything. I’ve missed hearing from you!