Anyone Can Pull Off Short Hair

Surface level, your hair is just your hair right? Nothing is permanent about a hair style; it grows. But I think all women know it isn’t “just hair.” I’m of the firm belief that hair is a big deal. It can make or break your confidence, it’s an extension of your personality, and it can be a security blanket (my longer hair certainly was!)

I’m a color-in-the-lines kinda gal. I rarely stray from my normal routine. I’m not someone who acts on a whim or a feeling, and more often than not, I do a ton of thinking (and feeling) before making any decisions. So when I decided to chop off all my hair, it was a BIG deal. Huge. Major.

Now that my hair is super short, I get complimented on it everywhere I go. Everywhere! It’s a running joke between Cory and I at this point. I normally get a “I love your hair!” followed up by, “I wish I could pull that off.” My response is always the same “You TOTALLY could!”

If you’re thinking about getting a pixie cut, here’s my 4 tip elevator pitch.

1. Not all pixies are created equal. Picking the right pixie is all about your face shape. I had pinned so many pixie pictures before getting mine, but my hair dresser was quickly able to tell me what would work with my face shape and what would look absolutely ridiculous. I was so thankful for that!


2. They are high maintenance. When I had long hair, I could go months and months between hair cuts, and if I was running late, a ponytail was always an option. Now, I have to get mine cut (or shaped up) every four to six weeks, and not doing my hair is not an option. That said, my haircuts are $16 and it now takes me three minutes to dry and style my hair. Worth it. 

3. You have to buy new jewelry. And maybe new clothes. Okay, you don’t have to, but it’s crazy how your entire style changes once you chop off your hair. I used to be all about dangly earrings, but now I much prefer statement studs. I also would have never worn a leather (aka: pleather) jacket pre-pixie, but now I rock one and love it.


4. Product is your new best friend. From finding the perfect sculpting wax to the best shampoo and conditioner, pixie cuts can’t survive without the product. I’ve found CLEAR SCALP & HAIR™ leaves my hair feeling healthy and hydrated (without feeling weighed down or greasy.) CLEAR SCALP & HAIR™ treats hair at the scalp, which is where 99% of your hair’s natural strength and beauty come from. Your scalp is the same skin that you have all over your body, which I’m sure you’re good about moisturizing, so it only makes sense to care for and moisturize your scalp, right? Right. 


Whether you have long flowing locks or you’re apart of the pixie club, taking care of your hair is crucial for feeling confident. Now that we’re transitioning from summer to fall (what?!) it’s important to be ahead of the dry-scalp curb and start giving your scalp a little TLC. Check out CLEAR SCALP & HAIR™ and let me know what you think!

Question: What’s on your hair bucket list? I’ve always wanted to color my hair, but I always chicken out! 

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M&M’S® Crispy are Back. You’re Welcome.

Here’s some trivia for you: my beloved M&M’S® Crispy became extinct in 2005. Donezo. Caput. Adios, amigo. Had I known about the impending extinction, I would have done a better job at hoarding these delicious treats. But, no, it happened without warning and I was left to live in a world with crispless M&M’S®.

serving size

As difficult as it was, during The Extinction, I had to move on with life.

I graduated high school and went off to college. I rushed a sorority and survived quantitative methods my sophomore year. I met Cory, got engaged, and got married. I got a Big Girl Job and traveled the world.

All the while, something was still missing.


I can assure you that I wasn’t the only one with a gaping hole in my sweet tooth, because between 2005 and 2014, M&M’S® Crispy was the company’s number one requested variety to bring back to the masses. For nine long and treacherous years, we Tweeted and Facebooked until our thumbs bled, pleading with the company to BRING BACK THE CRISP.

Glory be. M&M’S® listened.

MMS Crispy

I’m not trying to say that I was apart of a movement that changed the world, but I’ll certainly leave it open-ended so you can come to your own conclusions.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Friday Shout Outs [7.31.15]

Hello and happy Friday! I’ll be honest, I’m glad this week has come and gone. I’ve been in quite a funk, and our AC going out yesterday was the icing on the cake. Except there was no cake. Cake would have made everything better.

Let’s stop talking about me, and get to the people who caught my eye this week!




I’m sure everyone who reads blogs knows Julie Fagan. She’s a Powerhouse Blogger, and I think she’s pretty cool. More importantly, I am SO excited to welcome Julie to the “new mom club”! She gave birth to her beautiful baby boy, Chase, on Wednesday morning and I am beyond thrilled for her. Julie, you and Ryan are going to be amazing parents!



Clare is a real-life friend of mine, but I’d been reading her blog long before we met for brunch and laughed our faces off. Clare is one of those people that I’m constantly impressed by, and this week was no different: she’s made her last big move before starting medical school this fall!

– CORY –


Yep, Cory gets the unconventional shout out this week. Remember how I said I’ve been in a funk? Well, he’s the one who’s had to deal with me, and I can assure you, it’s been no easy task. I’m eternally grateful to be married to a person who knows me better than anyone, yet loves me anyway.

TGIF, friends! Who are you giving a shout out to this week? 

Twined Review

Hey, friends! I’m popping in real quick to tell you about a new website I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the last few weeks. Twined is a website geared towards people like me who do a ton of research before purchasing just about anything/love saving money.

What You Need to Know

1. Twined ‘Tastemakers’ are the people behind the reviews that you read. They’re trusted and vetted by Twined as not only experts, but as REAL PEOPLE.

2. The Tastemakers identify and write about their favorite products, YOU “vote” on the products you’re interested in, and then Twined negotiates discounts with the vendor. Hello, savings. 

3. Once Twined negotiates a discount with the manufacturer, it’s all about the group; the more people who buy the item, the lower the price gets!

What I love about Twined is that the Tastemakers only review products they’ve purchased on their own, so you can be guaranteed that the reviews are absolutely genuine. It’s honest people giving honest feedback about products they love. Simple as that.

For a better idea, you can head on over to Twined to check out my profile and the two items I’ve reviewed so far:

the Britax B-Agile Stroller 

britax b agile stroller

and the Chicco KeyFit 30 carseat

chicco keyfit30 carseat

Both of these items were on my baby registry, and I use them So go by and check out the site, and be sure to click on “vote for discount” on items you like so you can get yo’self some discounts!

Happy savings!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

10 Things That are Way Easier Now That I’m a Mom

1. Procrastinating. I’ll be better about this one. Tomorrow.

2. Mastering the “Grunge” look. Slick hair, don’t care.

3. The 5K to Couch program. Or, wait…

4. Pulling an all nighter. Because who needs sleep? (I do. I need sleep.)

5. Knowing my bra size. LOL JK.

6. Speaking my mind. Please don’t come visit me and my baby without bringing me food. kthanksbyeeee.

7. “Expressing” my emotions. I can cry, raise my voice, and belly-laugh…in one conversation.

8. Binge watching. Breastfeeding = Netflix

9.  Getting tipsy. Coming back from taking approximately a year off from alcohol? One glass of wine will have you feeling miiiiighty fine. And tired. Very tired.

10. Leaving the house. LOL JK again

DuClaw Review

So, if you’ve been around these parts for a while, you may remember me saying that one thing you’d never see is me with a beer. 

I’m just not a beer person; which is exactly what I told Claire when she contacted me on behalf of DuClawI’m not a beer person, but I am an alcohol person, so if she thought it would be worth me trying out her beer and possibly converting – I’d give it a try.


I was intrigued by these two DuClaw flavors, blueberry citrus wheat and grapefruit zested blonde. If anything, I enjoy alcohol that tastes fruity. That means it’s practically healthy, which means I can totally drink and eat dessert and not feel bad about it.

Judging solely on looks, I went with Morgazm first.


If I’m being honest, I was drawn to the girly, colorful label. It made the beer seem less intimidating to me, the non-beer-drinker. I know that’s making all your beer gurus cringe, but it’s the truth. This was what I’ll call my “appetizer beer” because I drank it while eating cheese and crackers. Surprisingly, it went down pretty well. No ugly beer face here when I took the first swig (which is shocking.) I couldn’t necessarily taste the grapefruit flavor, but it was zesty!

Next up was Funk, which I was sure I wasn’t going to like.


To my surprise, I actually like this one better than Morgazm. I could really taste the blueberry flavor, and it wasn’t nearly as heavy as I expected it to be. This one also went down smoothly, which I certainly did not expect Again, I was basing all my judgements on the look of the label. Professional, I know. I drank this beer with this summer salad (OMG SO GOOD) and it actually paired quite well. Pairing it with a salad really made the fruit flavor pop.

Have I converted to a beer drinker? I don’t think so. But I do think that DuClaw absolutely opened the door of possibility. Both of these beers were actually good. For me, the biggest thing about beer is the drinkability – does it make me gag, or does it go down smoothly? For me, both Morgazam and Funk hit the nail on the head. This was a super fun opportunity for me because it allowed me to step outside the box!

These product were provided to me by DuClaw Brewing Company. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I greatly appreciate your support as I continue to work with brands and sponsors! 

Another Reason to Hate Facebook

I want to know who the hell gets paid the big bucks at Facebook to compose the pop up notifications, because when I logged on yesterday and this gem was ready and waiting for me, I laughed/cried.


Show people who I really am now? Choose a recent photo so people know they’re getting in touch with the right Colleen?

Because I recently had a baby, I’m probably most definitely a little self-conscious about my softer belly and c-section scar and completely new body shape (to name a few things) but this notification made me think what DO I look like now?!

Do I look unrecognizable now that I’m a mother?! Surely, I’m covered in more spit up than last year. I absolutely wear yoga pants more often. I certainly look more tired. I could be described as “top heavy.”

For God’s sake, Facebook, kick a girl while she’s down.

Just to clarify, this picture was taken at a friend’s wedding last June, about a month before I got pregnant.


This picture was taken yesterday morning, about three and a half months after having a baby.


So, for anyone who might be confused, IT’S ME! COLLEEN!


A to Z Survey VIDEO

I’ve seen this going around the good ol’ blog world for a few weeks, but wanted to make it a video instead. If you enjoy that kind of thing, great! If not, we’ll be back to regularly scheduled posts tomorrow.


Tell me: Where’s your hometown?