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Four (Thousand) Days

You guys. It’s been raining here in Richmond for like, four thousand days in a row. Like, non-stop rain. And before that? It was cloudy and foggy and miserable. I forget what the sun looks like. I’m not usually one to … Continue reading

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Fitness Friday: A Laid Back Approach

I was doing pretty good with Fitness Fridays for about about six weeks, but I totally dropped the ball. The last one was back in August! In case you’re interested, the other topics I covered were as follows: My Fitness … Continue reading

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Weekend Wrap Up

Hello, friends! If you had a long weekend, I sure hope you enjoyed it. Thankfully (and not thankfully, because I missed my family) we were in Richmond for the entire weekend. Hey, a weekend with NO travel?! What a novel … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Came Early

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!  I got lucky and was able to celebrate Thanksgiving a day early For yet another year in a row, my mother-in-law, Joni, hosted a perfectly executed Thanksgiving dinner. Joni is the Queen of Hosting, and I’m … Continue reading

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Back to the Same Old, Same Old

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? After being away all week, I was thrilled to be home celebrating the wedding of our friends Cush and Rachel. I was super thrilled to see Cory, too. (It looks like some things … Continue reading

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A Day at the [Doggy] Spa

It shames me to realize that I could easily be one of those bitties who wears a sweatshirt with her dog’s face screen printed on the front. You know, it would read: “World’s Best Boy” or something equally horrendous. Yes, I’ve … Continue reading

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Fitness Results, FINALLY!

Until my sophomore year of college, I had never stepped foot into a gym. The only reason I started working out is because the brand-spankin’-new fitness facility was built right next door to my dorm building. It’s as if the … Continue reading

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Unlikely Third Wheel

Last night I went out to dinner at Kobe with my boyfriend and my girlfriend. Contrary to the scathing Yelp reviews, we all absolutely loved the place! We’ve been talking about chowing down on hibachi for weeks now, and thankfully … Continue reading

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Brunchy Weekend

Oh, Monday. We meet again. For a pretty lazy weekend, this one flew by! Saturday morning was spent doing the three things I love most: spending time with Cory, working out, and eating. Emily and I headed to BodyPUMP Saturday … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday Hike

Do you know why I love Twitter so much? Because it’s like a personal Google. All I have to do is ask a question, and someone is bound to answer it. When I called out for any suggestions on where … Continue reading

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