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Let’s Play Catch Up

- If you follow me on Instagram, you’re fully aware that I’ve unapologetically morphed into a crazy dog lady. I’ve become a person I hardly recognize; I refer to myself as “mommy” when I’m talking to Penny, I only speak … Continue reading

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Ice Breaker Games: Taking Control of the Awkwardness

There are few things more anxiety-provoking for me than being in a new group and having to do ice breakers. It’s always, like, introduce yourself and give an interesting fact about yourself. In these moments, my mind goes blank; it … Continue reading

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Traveling for Work is Like Sleep Away Camp

I know it’s unbecoming to complain, but this week totally sucked for me. I adore my job, but the one part I struggle with is the fact that travel is involved. Traveling for work never fails to remind me of … Continue reading

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Stealing Soda

Last night I had to work a little later than normal. It’s really no big deal, besides the fact that if I stay ten minutes late, it takes me an additional 15 minutes to get home. Which blows. Anyway. Cory … Continue reading

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Things I Won’t Do

Eat a sandwich without a side of chips. Go comando. Stop Facebook stalking certain people. Zumba. Simple math without using my fingers. Think of the term “breakfast burrito” without gagging. Wear sneakers without socks. Eat my fries before my burger. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Cory!

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Cory! Happy birthday to you! I’ve been smitten with this guy since his tender age of 20! I can’t believe he turns 27 today! I know what you’re thinking: … Continue reading

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Make This Monday Great

Sometimes, a few mood-boosting quotes are what I need to get me in gear for an awesome Monday (and in turn, an awesome week.) I hope your day is fabulous, my friends!

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Bathing Suit Shopping

Things that are better than going bathing  suit shopping: Traffic A stingy bar tender Math Taking a bite of pizza too soon after it comes out of the oven, resulting in burning the bejesus out of the top of your … Continue reading

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Thoughts While Being Under the Weather

I hope it rains today so I feel less guilty about laying on the couch.  SVU Marathon for the next 10 hours? Check.  There are not enough blankets in this house.  I wish my dog could refrain from needing to … Continue reading

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Seriously, Downton?!

This post contains Downton spoilers. (aka: MOM, DON’T READ THIS POST.) I have an obsessive personality. Interests tend to be all-or-nothing for me. When I love something (i.e. not someone), I love it wholly and intensely – until it bores … Continue reading

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