PSA: The Important Parts Come *After* the Wedding

Getting married to Cory is the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life. No one has ever made me happier, and the bond as husband and wife is something I find difficult to describe.

I knew I wanted to marry Cory not long after we started dating. It was a certainty like the rising and setting of the sun. I just knew it was going it happen.

When we got engaged, all anyone would talk to me about was the wedding. The colors, the dress, the location, the guest list, the music. While I was certainly giddy about these things, I don’t consider myself to have been an average bride-to-be.

I was always struck by the fact that no one ever mentioned the days that follow the wedding. You know, the whole marriage part.

For me, the whole marriage part what I was most excited about. Sure, the wedding was something to look forward to, but for me, the focus was always on the days, months and years after the wedding.

My sights were set on being husband and wife – not about throwing the best wedding ever (which, IMO, it was 😉 )

After the party ended, the sparklers fizzed out, and the guests went home, it was just us. It was the beginning that I had been longing for.

What I’m getting at, is that from my experience, it seems that many couples don’t focus on the amount of work, dedication, compromise, and communication that are critical aspects of a strong marriage.

Yes, work. It doesn’t feel like work every day (at least I hope not!) but working on your marriage should become the main priority in your life. Not you. Not your friends. Not your job. Not your parents. Your marriage is something you have to work at, fight for, and protect at all times.

It’s beautiful work, really. It’s fulfilling and happy and gracious and kind – which is why it doesn’t feel like work all the time.

My hope is that brides and grooms-to-be don’t spend their entire engagement stressing and arguing over the details of an 8 hour party. If you do that, you’re going to struggle to land gracefully after the wedding.

You know, when that whole marriage thing kicks in.


Cheap Date

Cory often boasts that I’m a cheap date.

I like to split meals.

I get a buzz off of one drink.

I’d rather go to the movies during the day.

I believe in coupons.

I’m don’t believe in sending flowers.

So this morning, as we checked in at the gym, Cory happily told the front desk guy that I am a cheap date.


Because all I wanted was for Valentine’s Day was for him to come to Body Pump with me.

And he did :)

I hope you have a great Thursday, my friends! I’ll catch you tomorrow (and announce the winner of the Hot Oats give away!)

Back to Reality

Hello, friends! I didn’t have any intentions of abandoning blogging last week, but it looks like that’s what happened! It’s for good reason, though – I was in Charleston celebrating the wedding of my dear friend, Lindsay!


The gorgeous wedding took place at the Citadel, and I had the honor of sharing the title of co-MOH with Lindsay’s sister and my other dearest, oldest friend Whitney!

I was lucky enough to spend several days with the bride, Whitney, and our families – there was a lot going on, but it was a fabulous time. I could not be happier or more excited for Lindsay. Marriage is awesome, and I know her and Tyler will totally love it :)

I wish I had more pictures to share with you, but whenever I’m with Whitney, the queen of taking pictures, I fail to document anything. If anything super important surfaces in the next few days, I’ll be SURE to let you know 😉

Now we’re back to reality, and although I’m absolutely sleep deprived (I don’t sleep well in beds that aren’t my own!) I’m not totally dragging because this week promises two and a half days of work.

Speaking of – how is Thanksgiving really on Thursday?! My mind is blown.

Let’s chat – Who’s hosting your Thanksgiving meal this year? My mother-in-law is doing it yet again. Thank GOD – she’s awesome at it. 

A Junior and an Oblivious Freshman

I’m not trying to turn this into a marriage/lovey dovey blog, but just indulge me for a second today.

I’m from the school of thought that you don’t start over with a blank time card when you get married. Like, I don’t ever say, I’ve been with Cory for a year and two months.


Six years ago today we started the journey that got us to point where I can say, I’ve been married to Cory for a year and two months.  

Cory and I met at a party my first weekend in college. He was a Junior and I was an oblivious freshman.

I asked for his number and I called him the next day. I ignored all of those “rules” that a girl is supposed to follow when it comes to pursuing a boy. #sorrynotsorry

A month and a half after we met, Cory made a ring out of tin foil (which I still have) and proposed to me, asking me to be his girlfriend. I was thrilled.

Cory has been my person since day one. Our souls click, and being with him has always made sense. I loved having him by side all throughout college (and his college + MBA), and I’m so glad we decided to keep it that way for forever and ever. :)

Have a great weekend, friends! I hope you get to spend it with the people you love!

Video Blog (Cory’s Debut!)

Happy Monday, my friends! Did you have a good weekend? I did, but it seems like I’m 1 of 5 bloggers in the whole world who didn’t get to go to the Healthy Living Summit :( Luckily, Cory and I were able to go visit my parents for the weekend to celebrate my dad’s birthday!

Anyway, Jamie reminded me on Friday that I did not post the video blog that Cory and I made for our 1st anniversary. It was supposed to go live while we were in Mexico, but technical difficulties put a halt to that.

Jamie and Emily assured me it was funny and “so us” so I decided to bring it out and grace you with it’s presence. Clearly we didn’t rehearse this. It was on a whim. Keep that in mind.

Enjoy! And welcome Cory’s first contribution to the blog! 😉

Let’s chat – What’s YOUR dream vacation? Our vacation to Puerto Vallarta was dreamy! Up next on my wish list? Hiking the Grand Canyon!  

Looking Back: Our First Year

The phrase: Time flies when you’re having fun seems most appropriate to explain how I’m comprehending that it’s really been a YEAR since Cory and I tied the knot.

Our wedding day was, hands down, the happiest day of life. Someone once told me that the first year of marriage was the hardest year – and I couldn’t disagree more! While we’ve had some normal “growing pains” – we’ve been having an absolute blast.

Here’s a look back at the fun we had during our first year of marriage!

  • We spent the first week as husband and wife on our honeymoon in the beautiful St. Lucia.

  • In October, we adopted our sweet boy, Campbell. Talk about an adjustment! We’ve learned so much about ourselves by adopting a rescue dog. Challenging? At times. Rewarding? Always.

  •  In the beginning of the year, Cory was offered a new job. In a matter of three weeks we left our jobs, got rid of our apartment, left my hometown, and packed up to move to Richmond. It was so scary at the time, but it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.
  • We hosted our first Easter brunch! Both families were here in our tiny apartment, and the smoke detector only went off once! 😉

  • Finally, after being unemployed for two months, I got a wonderful job in Richmond! If you want to grow closer as a married couple – try being the unemployed one for a few months (no, don’t.) It was a very difficult time for me (emotionally), but it made us even stronger as a couple.
  • And to close out of first year of marriage, we bought a house!

It’s been a pretty amazing year to say the least. Here’s to hoping for many, many more.


Happy Birthday, Cory!

Five years ago, after several months of dating, Cory and I spent his 21st birthday together. At 19 years old, I thought it was so cool that I’d be dating someone old enough to buy alcohol. I mean really, that was neat 😉

We met up at school to celebrate with friends, but we both ended up coming down with a stomach virus by 6PM on the night of his birthday celebration.

Co-driving the Porcelain Bus with my semi-new boyfriend on his 21st birthday was not how I had it planned out in my mind – but hey, barf happens.

While he did experience a sadly unique 21st birthday, I think we made up for it a few years later. Cory’s 24th birthday was pretty flippin’ fantastic. We had been engaged for 8 days and we were in Madrid, Spain backpacking our way around Europe.

And now, he’s having his first birthday as a married man. I think that fact is more exciting to me than it is to him, but I just can’t believe how far we’ve come and how much we’ve accomplished since that silly, sick 21st birthday in Farmville, VA.

It makes my heart smile.

Happy birthday, Cory! You’re the best husband around, the best friend I could ever have, and you make my world a better place – simply by being you. Here’s to a great birthday. I can’t wait to see what 26 has in store for you!

Let’s chat:

  • Go ahead, say happy birthday! He reads the blog 😉
  • Do you have a favorite birthday memory? Cory and I spent my 21st in Vegas, which was pretty neat! 

Scenes from the Weekend

The weekend started off in Richmond with searching for a place to live. You know, because we’re moving in 12 days.

Saturday was spent in Georgetown at CB2 (I’m obsessed. Find one near you!) and Sprinkles.

I ended up with the Salty Caramel cupcake. I was quite pleased with my decision.

We’re on a roll with places we want to eat at before we leave, so that night we hopped over to Thai Basil. The owner, at this location, beat Bobby Flay in a throw down :) I can’t even tell you what I got, as I couldn’t pronounce 90% of the menu – but it was delicious!

We have a Sunday tradition of going to Mass and then grabbing some breakfast. Yesterday we ended up at Manhattan Bagel and I ordered an egg and cheese sandwich on an everything bagel. SO GOOD!

Sunday dinner was a homemade recipe that one of my classmates gave me. It was a Rosemary Lemon Chicken dish that was really good! I’ll have the recipe up for you all shortly! :)

And of course, Campbell was trying to send me the message that I should not go to the gym – rather, I should sit on the floor and pet him all day.

Now I’m off to start my last week at work! So strange. Have a great Monday, my friends!

Let’s chat – What was the best thing you ate all weekend? I’ve got to say I loved every bite of that Salty Caramel cupcake from Sprinkles, even if I did have a sugar headache afterwards 😉

How to have a Happy Marriage

I stumbled upon a “things happy married couples need to know” book, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the suggestions presented. At the turn of each page I kept thinking, “Oh good golly! I fear I’ll never be a good wife!”

Listed below are my interpretations of the gems that I took away from this award-winning piece of work.

1. If you want your husband to remain physically attracted to you, don’t be a slob when you get home from work. You can’t come home and put on stretchy pants and a sweatshirt and still expect your spouse to find you attractive.

Just another romantic evening at home.

2. Avoid letting him see you make an unflattering face. Especially in public.

3. Remember, when it comes to your outfit choice, style always wins over comfort and functionality.

*Even if it’s your 13th day of back packing through Europe and bed bugs attacked everything you packed. 

(I’m not joking about the bed bugs…)

4. Don’t be a lush. Alcohol does not flatter a lady, and certainly does not bring happiness to a marriage.

5. Respect the fact that looks are important. Remember to do your best to always wear make-up in public. You want your husband to be proud that you’re his lady!

I’m slightly appalled that I read something like this, but naturally, I had to poke fun. I don’t wear make-up all day every day, I come home and wear sweat pants after being in tights and a skirt all day, and I enjoy adult beverages.

But I’m married to my best friend, and even if my entire day at work and at school crumbles around me, all I have to do is walk in my front door to automatically feel better. (Provided that he’s home 😉 )

In my opinion, a happy marriage is about laughing every day, taking the time to have meaningful conversations, expressing genuine appreciation, and being with the one soul who pushes you to be your best – even when you just want to throw in the towel and slack off.

And that’s something I’ll cheers to.

Let’s chat – What do YOU think makes a happy marriage/relationship?

Ugly Sweaters


I told you all that Christmas Eve is one of my favorite days of the year, and this year didn’t disappoint! One little twist to this years’ event was the introduction of Ugly Sweaters.

I sent out an email to my family a few weeks ago challenging everyone to show up wearing something ugly and tacky. As you can see, only a few of us played the game – but those who played, played well!

I of course, had the only homemade sweater.

I was all about the ugly sweater party, but not even my own husband wanted to join in on the festive fun. He told my family members that I had enough ugly for the both of us. He then clarified to me that he was only talking about my sweater. Good save, Cory. Good save 😉

 My Grandma agreed with him though. She said my mom and I had it covered – and she added “You know I don’t do ugly anyway.” 

Although she totally does fun.

And today was such a wonderful day. We spent our first married Christmas together, we had breakfast and gifts with my family and now we’re in Richmond with Cory’s family. We are beyond blessed to have lives filled with love, family, happiness, and health. What more could we possibly ask for? :)

Now I’m headed back to spending time on the couch attempting to shake a slight food coma. Enjoy the rest of your night!