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On Turning 26

Last week, I made a routine visit to the ABC store. It may come as a shock, (as it did to my mother) but I don’t frequent that establishment. The people there don’t know me as a “regular.” I perused … Continue reading

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Totally Truthful Thursday: (Pre) House Hunters Edition

1. I can’t really eat. Or sleep. Or anything in between. Why? Oh, I’m only paralyzed by fear because our House Hunters episode airs tonight on HGTV. Thanks to my friends, LK, for tweeting this picture to me and making … Continue reading

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Bathing Suit Shopping

Things that are better than going bathing  suit shopping: Traffic A stingy bar tender Math Taking a bite of pizza too soon after it comes out of the oven, resulting in burning the bejesus out of the top of your … Continue reading

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Friday Things

1. I am SO GLAD it’s Friday! If you read this blog and/or follow me on Twitter you know I’ve been loving on Pretty Little Liars real hard this past week. While I truly am obsessed with the show, the … Continue reading

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Lent: Not a Pre-Easter Diet.

It’s Lent. Please don’t tell me you’re “giving up sugar, soda, and carbs” unless you plan on praying about it every day. If you’re doing it to lose weight, it’s called a Pre-Easter Diet. (source)  Sorry, that’s a ginormous pet … Continue reading

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Sometimes {I Don’t Make it to the Gym}

I go to the gym in the morning. Let me rephrase: If I go to the gym, I go in the morning. And lately, that’s a big fat if. Sometimes, my bed is just too warm to leave. Sometimes, I’d … Continue reading

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Dealing with Anxiety

Disclaimer: I like to keep this a happy, funny blog, but I also know I have a pretty solid readership and I like to use this platform to discuss serious things sometimes. I hope you can dig it. I had … Continue reading

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Abnormally Frigid (Me, Not the Weather)

Unless it’s 70+ degrees, I’m cold. Cold is an understatement, really. I’m frigid. I’m frozen to the core when everyone else might feel “a little chilly.” I get so cold that my nose becomes bright red. Like, so red that … Continue reading

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This is Why I Avoid Children

I’m not what you would call a “natural” when it comes to communicating with/being around children. I normally use adult words in a high-pitched voice, and I notoriously ask close-ended questions. I hosted a friend’s bridal shower last weekend, and … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Hoarder

Have you ever seen that show Hoarders? It’s quite an appalling show at first glance. People have literally buried themselves in filth; old newspapers, take-out food from 1996,  dead cats. I’ve watched this show and thought, Oh good God. HOW … Continue reading

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