On Privilege

Last night, Cory and I attended a developer meeting for our community. The first half an hour was great: the developer discussed the exciting future plans for our area and I thought, Wow I am so lucky to live this kind of life. I feel proud.

Then, the developer opened the floor for questions…and my mind was literally blown to smithereens.

This man was bombarded by angry adults, yelling and complaining passionately, waving their HOA documents (note: this was not an HOA meeting) and demanding answers.

How will we monitor how many guests people bring to the pool?!*

We really have to share the pool with the [CHILDREN’S] swim team four nights a week?*

My neighbor has had a camper outside of their house for months and the HOA has done NOTHING ABOUT IT!*

 There is a hole in the Earth next to my house – it wasn’t there when we closed – who’s going to fix this?* (To this, I thought: Are you there, God? Ann’s pissed.)

Can you please work on adding more equipment to the play ground? My three-year-old has nothing to do but chew mulch. I would bring her toys from home, but those are the toys she sees everyday.*

At this point, all my pride had dissipated and I felt embarrassed. I was embarrassed to be among a group of adults complaining with fiery passion about mulch and chair space at the pool.

I felt embarrassed that I spent over an hour of my time listening to this foolishness. This was an hour of time I could have volunteered to something substantial: hunger, homelessness, coaching, an animal shelter, etc.

This made me realize how truly, truly fortunate we (i.e. anyone who’s reading this on a computer/phone/iPad) are, how out of touch we are, and how unwilling we are to fix our own “problems.”

If someone upsets you, talk to them.

If you’ve reached a dead end, back track and find another way around.

If you’re yelling and no one is listening, soften your approach.

If the pool, your children’s toys, or the imperfections in your lawn are the biggest of your concerns, take a step back and refocus.

We’re privileged. And we shouldn’t take it for granted. 

*Actual comments made at the meeting

So, What Have I Been Up To?

Hello, friends! Oh my goodness, what a busy week it’s been. Has anyone else moved recently? Good God – it’s a task! Don’t get wrong – I’m not complaining – I’m simply trying to give you a valid reason as to why my blog has been on the back burner the past few days. 😉

So, what have I been up to?

Moving, of course. And feeling out all the adjustments that go along with a new home.

Like the random noises in the night that remind me of all the horrific, yet fascinating, Criminal Minds marathons I’ve been scarred by enjoyed.

Or you know, like, the double oven. Yet another example of how domestically challenged I happen to be. I’m glad that my brother’s girlfriend, Erin,  was there to capture my candid confusion. 😉 

Filming for a TV show. So fun. But so exhausting! I now have a new appreciation for the Kardashians. I mean, Kourtney and I are pretty much the same person these days. Right?

I ooze sex appeal.

Joining a new gym. Yesterday ended a 10-day hiatus from working out. I was oddly nervous before I went to our new gym for the first time. It was strange feeling “lost” in a gym, but let’s just, say spin class hurt just as much as last time. #SOREprivates

I have posts coming up on all these separate topics, but they’ll come at a time when my extra curricular activities cease to include unpacking and reorganizing my entire life 😉

Let’s chat – What have YOU been up to?! Tell me everything. I’ve missed hearing from you!

I Hate Penske

Dear Pricks at Penske To Whom it May Concern:

This weekend, my husband and I had the misfortune of renting one of your trucks. While we needed the truck for 24 hours, your company mandated that we rent it for three days, hence jacking up the price.

Yet, you were still the most affordable rental, and because we’re watching our finances closely due to recently signing our lives away via mortgage papers – we went with you.

Upon arrival to Home Depot, we were told the size truck we ordered was unavailable and that instead, we’d be given a 26 foot truck (which was larger than what we ordered.)

Great. Because who doesn’t love maneuvering a huge ass truck down the highway for 8 hours?

While I cannot complain to your company about the task that is packing a truck, please let me say that it was a laborious endeavor that left my husband and myself quite drained.

And the fact that we got on the road on Sunday morning at 2 AM is neither here nor there – but we were fucking exhausted when we journeyed home in your death trap of a truck.

Three hours into our eight hour trip back home, at 5 AM, sparks began to fly from the battery, located on the passenger’s side.

Penske, I know we’ve never met, but I’m precious cargo.

Then, as we were going down 1-81 at 60 miles per hour in the pitch black early morning – the electrical blew. The headlights shut off, as did all of lights on the dash.

Did I mention it was dark – and that we were on the highway – and that I was unaware I was auditioning for a horror movie? 

Upon calling your emergency hotline, the kind man (Bob) who answered the phone was apologetic, but the quickest he could get a mechanic out to us was an hour and a half.

And so, we sat. In a truck on the side of the highway, which shook like a madman every time a truck drove by. Which was often, as I-81 seems to be the popular route for every trucker and his brother.

Penske, when your mechanic arrived, he did what he could. Praise the Good Lord that he had the part he needed. Damn you for giving us a broken truck that stranded us on the side of the highway with no food or bathroom for four hours.

After your truck jeopardized the safety of my husband and myself, and stole four hours out of our lives, a common sense approach would be that your company would comp us the truck.

But, no.

You offered to give us 10% off.

When my husband argued that, you offered a 20% discount.

Finally, my husband told you he’d make it simple: we didn’t want to pay for your POS truck.

In the end, we saved $200 (i.e. the amount of gas.)

Penske, I’m beyond dissatisfied with your service (except for Bob) and the quality of your trucks. In the future, I suggest that your staff do routine maintenance checks before sending a paying customer on the road.


The Cat’s Out of the Bag

Last month, I eluded to the fact that something big was going on for Cory and myself. I wasn’t ready to share it on the blog, or my own personal social media accounts for that matter.

And it’s one of the reasons I’ve been struggling for blog material, because much of my life has revolved around this thing for the past two-ish months.

Slowly, things have started coming together. Cory and I have had the opportunity to share our fun news with our closest family and friends the old fashioned way (i.e. in person or on the phone) which is something that mattered greatly to me. When big things happen, I don’t want my family and friends to find out from my blog.

But yesterday, we got the last call we were waiting for. All of our i’s have been dotted, and our t’s have been crossed.

We’re official! We’re building our first home and it’s scheduled to be finished in December!