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I was Ready to Go

Let’s be honest, homegirl here likes to enjoy adult beverages every now and then. The biggest challenge for me during the 24 day challenge was that I had to be SOBER for 24 days. At first I was like, psh, … Continue reading

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Let’s Play Catch Up

- If you follow me on Instagram, you’re fully aware that I’ve unapologetically morphed into a crazy dog lady. I’ve become a person I hardly recognize; I refer to myself as “mommy” when I’m talking to Penny, I only speak … Continue reading

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Another Post about my Dog [+ LGF Winner!]

Having a new puppy makes it difficult to blog. This is the closest I’ve ever been to having a baby, and let me tell you, it’s no cake walk. Planning our days and sleep schedule around an animal’s bowel moments … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson ONE

Last weekend, my mom treated Brian and I for our birthdays with a trip to Vegas to see the Michael Jackson ONE Cirque du Soleil!! I’ve been obsessed with Michael Jackson since I was about seven-years-old. I would watch a … Continue reading

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Weekend Wrap Up

Hello, party people! I hope you had a lovely weekend. I made sure that mine was jam-packed with activities because Cory has been gone since Friday morning, and I get bored easily. Friday, Jamie came over to spend the night … Continue reading

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Weekend Thoughts

Crucify me if you must, but I’m just gonna say it: The PSL has been replaced in my life. Dunkin Donuts has better pumpkin coffee than Starbucks. It’s fact. There are few things more frustrating than having to learn the … Continue reading

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Weekend Wrap Up: Celebration Style!

This weekend started off on the right foot: happy hour out on our deck. It’s weird how simply sipping a glass of wine and talking with my husband makes me feel like such an adult. I guess because a few … Continue reading

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Is it Just Me…?

…Who is actually excited about the Royal Baby? I keep hearing/reading all these people poo-pooing it, but for some reason I’m really happy for Kate and William. I know this makes me sound insane. …Who thinks the newest Body Pump … Continue reading

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What It was like Being on House Hunters

Wow. Can I just take a second to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who tweeted, commented, emailed, and texted me about the House Hunters episode? Every single one of you is so, so appreciated! Leading up to 10pm last … Continue reading

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Totally Truthful Thursday: (Pre) House Hunters Edition

1. I can’t really eat. Or sleep. Or anything in between. Why? Oh, I’m only paralyzed by fear because our House Hunters episode airs tonight on HGTV. Thanks to my friends, LK, for tweeting this picture to me and making … Continue reading

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