[Halloween] Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend we hosted our 3rd Annual Halloween party, and it was a blast. I’m not a Halloween superfan, but we hosted the first Halloween party in the neighborhood three years ago, and since then it’s become our “thing.”


Cory and I have celebrated ten Halloweens together, but we’ve never dressed up in a couple’s costume, which I think is probably kind of weird. To make matters weirder, I normally do coordinate my costumes with my best friends. This year, Emily and I were Beauty Pageant Rejects, Miss Behavior and Miss Demeanor.


Fun fact: this is my prom dress and I was fucking thrilled that it fit this mom bod.


Hosting a party on a Friday night has its perks, but the only downside is having to all last minute stuff on a workday. Thankfully, Cory and I did a little bit decorating and cleaning every night during the week after Jack went to bed, so there wasn’t too much to get done before our friends started arriving around 8:00.

I’ve got to hand it to our friends, because everyone’s costumes were on-point, and out of the 50 people who came, there was not one duplicate!


Life, handing me lemons (and hard lemonade)

My friend/sorority sister/college roommate actually lives in the same neighborhood, and I was so pumped that she and her husband were able to make it!


It was Jack’s first night away (an entirely separate post is coming on THAT) so I had one drink the whole night. A few friends were like, WOO! A night without the baby DRINK UP! And I was like, WOO! I still have to get the baby in the morning! I never thought I’d say this, but I actually didn’t mind pumping the breaks on the alcohol. I feel like an old lady, but it felt great waking up without one trace of a hangover. Cory and I both felt so good that we swooped up Jack and spent the day in Farmville walking the High Bridge Trail before coming home to hand out candy.

It was a fantastic weekend from start to finish!

cory high bridge

I hope you guys had a fabulous weekend!

I’d love to know: Did you dress up for Halloween? 

I was Ready to Go

Let’s be honest, homegirl here likes to enjoy adult beverages every now and then. The biggest challenge for me during the 24 day challenge was that I had to be SOBER for 24 days.


At first I was like, psh, no big deal. And Monday thru Thursday, it wasn’t a big deal. It’s not like I drink vodka during the day very often but when it got to be the weekend I was like, FUCK THIS.

I think God knows what we need to help us succeed in life, and as such, I woke up on the first Saturday morning of my cleanse feeling like I got hit by a Mack truck.

Sinus infection.

Thank you, Jesus. That made my first stretch of sobriety very easy.

The rest of the challenge was a…challenge. Go figure. But I did it. And this past weekend was the first time I had tasted the sweet, sweet nectar in almost a month.


I did summa this:


And I quickly realized that 24 days of not drinking would quickly lead to summa this:


fact: this is not my couch.

While I surprisingly did not feel like shit the next morning, I surly did want to sleep in and have a quiet morning alone.

Apparently, Penny the Princess had other plans.


Digressing: I’m interested to see how that’s going to look in a few months. Currently, she’s 3 months old and weighs 40 pounds. And if that’s not an indicator of how big she’s going to get, these little baby paws might be 😉



Let’s Play Catch Up

– If you follow me on Instagram, you’re fully aware that I’ve unapologetically morphed into a crazy dog lady. I’ve become a person I hardly recognize; I refer to myself as “mommy” when I’m talking to Penny, I only speak in a baby voice when she’s present, and I spend every free moment cuddling with her.

In short, all I seem to be doing lately is hanging out with my dog and taking pictures of her. Totally causal. 



Thanks to my neighbor Christina for snapping this picture! 

– My amazing neighbor came over on Saturday morning to take Christmas pictures for us. They turned out so well that I overzealously ordered our Christmas cards that night. (When do you send out your Christmas cards?)

– I’m still obsessed with AdvoCare and am still amazed at how great I feel. Our challenge ends this week and I’m excited to share our final results with you! All I can say is: I’m sold.

– I was interviewed on the Lifestyle Accountability Show, and I felt pretty cool listening to my podcast interview. I loved having the opportunity to talk about being a self-proclaimed “advocate for the average” and how I view healthy living. You can listen to my episode HERE.


– Did I mention I’m obsessed with my dog? Oh, yeah, I did. I forgot to mention that Cory is pretty smitten as well.

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 8.44.46 PM– I am so excited that Thanksgiving is this week! We’re staying in town and going to my in-law’s and I can’t wait! My MIL makes the best…everything. What are your plans?



Another Post about my Dog [+ LGF Winner!]

Having a new puppy makes it difficult to blog.

pennyThis is the closest I’ve ever been to having a baby, and let me tell you, it’s no cake walk. Planning our days and sleep schedule around an animal’s bowel moments and meals has been an adjustment. While I’ve loved this first week with Penny, I’ll be honest – I am exhausted. The good thing is, I think Penny feels the same way.

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 4.00.25 PM

I can’t even deal with how freaking cute she is.

I took her to the vet on Monday and she’s weighing in at 26 pounds. The vet told me that when we come back for her next round of shots in three weeks, she’ll be up to 50 pounds.

After having our neighbor’s 17 month old Great Dane come play with Penny this week, I find that easy to believe.


Most people have told us we’re nuts for getting a Great Dane, but we’re so excited and completely in love. We start her training classes next week, and it’s something we’ll be taking very seriously. I can’t have a 110 pound puppy who doesn’t listen to me.

That being said, I think she already knows I’m the boss 😉

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 4.14.16 PM

Have a great weekend, my friends! I’ll see ya around here when I get some time! (And some material besides a dog.)

PS – The winner of the Love Grown Giveaway is Melissa! Congratulations! Please email me your shipping information to lunchboxdiaries[at]gmail[dot]com.

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 3.55.02 PM


Michael Jackson ONE

Last weekend, my mom treated Brian and I for our birthdays with a trip to Vegas to see the Michael Jackson ONE Cirque du Soleil!!


I’ve been obsessed with Michael Jackson since I was about seven-years-old.

I would watch a certain “making-of-Thriller” video non-stop.

In second grade, I wrote a report about him during Black History Month.

I practically know everything there is to know about the man. I wish I was kidding.

For my 21st birthday, Cory and I took a trip to Vegas. The plan was to see the Beatles’ cirque (because I’m obsessed with them as well.)


Because we’re not huge gamblers, we spent much of our first day walking the strip, popping in and out of the hotels. But it was at Caesar’s Palace where my life practically changed.


hint: this was not the moment 

We were walking by this furniture store that I happened to notice from a Michael Jackson 20/20 special.

Oh my God, Cory! Michael Jackson shops here like, all.the.time! We need to go in and breathe the same air as he has.  

Cory, slightly nervous he had taken a psychotic girl to Vegas, was less than thrilled. As we approached the doors, I was overcome with disappointment, as the store was “closed for maintenance.”

Cory was the one to notice that a security guard was standing outside the doors, and made the assumption that a celebrity was doing some shopping. I was crushed.

I stood there looking through the windows, longingly; but as we were about to turn to leave, I saw two masked children run around from behind a corner.

My heart stopped.

Following the children was the one and only Michael Jackson.

There were no crowds. No fuss. No cameras. Nothing. Just me making eye contact with Michael fucking Jackson.

It was the most magical few seconds ever.

So, yeah, I do consider Vegas to be “our” spot. And even though I never got to ask Michael, I’m sure he did, too 😉


Weekend Wrap Up

Hello, party people! I hope you had a lovely weekend. I made sure that mine was jam-packed with activities because Cory has been gone since Friday morning, and I get bored easily.

Friday, Jamie came over to spend the night because I simply hate sleeping alone in this big house. It’s totally rational to think that the murderers will stay away when my pretty girlfriend comes to sleep over. Right?

Saturday was brunch with Clare! She recapped our time together perfectly. Long story short, we’re in love and real-life friends now.


Leading up to brunch, I was super excited and slightly nervous. It was literally like going on a first blind date. Lucky for us, we hit it off immediately. She’s freaking hilarious, and I loved chatting about stuff that doesn’t make it on our blogs. It was a total blast.

That night I drank way too much sangria at my neighbor’s house, and got a late start on Sunday before making the drive to Norfolk to hang out with my brother for his birthday.

We drank, obviously. And we made musical history by performing the best duet of all time.


I totally see that guy in the back totally giving me the judge face, but what can you do? People are intimidated by our level of awesomeness.

Weekend Thoughts

  • Crucify me if you must, but I’m just gonna say it: The PSL has been replaced in my life. Dunkin Donuts has better pumpkin coffee than Starbucks. It’s fact.


  • There are few things more frustrating than having to learn the layout of a new-to-me grocery store. Yesterday, I found myself identifying with a toddler throwing a temper tantrum in isle 7. I was so frustrated over not being able to find the fucking international isle that I, too, wanted to fall on the floor and thrash about. I JUST NEEDED REFRIED BEANNNNSSSS. 

Screen shot 2013-09-22 at 12.41.11 PM

  • Like dangerous animals, children can sense my fear.
  • Last night, Cory’s grandpa had his first experience with Sweet Frog. I was glad to be there to help him learn the ropes. It’s so tragic to think that he had to wait 80+ years to taste the glory that is Sweet Frog.


  • I entertain myself in odd ways when I’m out alone. For instance, when I go to Starbucks and they ask for my name, I always make one up. I giggle every time.


  • Hey, I hope you had a great weekend! :)

Weekend Wrap Up: Celebration Style!

This weekend started off on the right foot: happy hour out on our deck. It’s weird how simply sipping a glass of wine and talking with my husband makes me feel like such an adult. I guess because a few years ago that sentence would have been: “throwing back shots with my boyfriend and yelling at a crowded party.”  Gone are the days… 😉

Saturday, our most favorite couple friends, Bobby and Whitney, came into town to visit. Oh, AND TO CELEBRATE THEIR ENGAGEMENT!!

We are just so beyond thrilled for them. They are absolutely perfect for one another and we’re so glad to celebrate with them during this exciting time.

Whitney and I spent the majority of Saturday morning/afternoon chatting about the wedding. It was so fun to hear about her plans, but it also made me reminisce about when I was planning my wedding.

So much so, that this may or may not have happened…

I was dared to wear my gown out to dinner, and as much as I wanted to, I changed back into my real clothes. We walked around downtown and stopped for cupcakes and drinks before heading out to dinner.

When you’re celebrating things like an engagement, dessert can come before dinner.

Dinner at Portico was delicious. I fell asleep on the ride home, Whitney and I watched Dance Moms while the boys played “yard golf” (?) and we were in bed by 10pm. Yep, it was perfect :)

Is it Just Me…?

…Who is actually excited about the Royal Baby? I keep hearing/reading all these people poo-pooing it, but for some reason I’m really happy for Kate and William. I know this makes me sound insane.

…Who thinks the newest Body Pump release is killer? Those “hang cleans” in the back track?! JESUS!

….Who is obsessed with the show Suits?! We’re almost through Season 2 thanks to a weekend of binge-watching. It’s actually a great show, but the serious eye candy doesn’t hurt one bit.

…Who always complains about the weather being either too fucking hot, or too fucking cold? I’m either sweating like a whore in church, or shivering to death.

…Who didn’t know that Miley’s song is about drugs? I just found out the lyrics are NOT “we like to party, dancing with Miley” it’s “dancing with Molly” ‘Molly’ being a form of ecstasy. I’m such a prude.  I guess I could have figured it out from the video


…Who literally cannot survive without carbs?

…Who wants to steal the wardrobe of the tween perfection that is Kiernan Shipka?


…Who gets depressed by the fact that stores are already starting to put out fall clothes and Christmas decorations?

…Who makes up life stories about the strangers at the gym who you see everyday?

…Who’s wondering how it’s only Tuesday because it sure as hell feels like it should be Friday already?

Just me? Okay then.

PS – The winner of the Simone France Giveaway is Diana! Congratulations! Please email me your address to lunchboxdiaries[at]gmail[dot]com by Friday!

What It was like Being on House Hunters


Can I just take a second to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who tweeted, commented, emailed, and texted me about the House Hunters episode? Every single one of you is so, so appreciated!

Leading up to 10pm last Thursday, I was a nervous wreck.

What if I look fat?

What if I look like a grease monkey (oily skin = grease monkey)? 

What if they make me look super dumb? 

What if people say mean things after watching the show?

Because these thoughts were running through my mind, Jamie came over for moral support 😉

I’ll be honest, the first time we were shown on screen, I literally screamed. Like a, HOLY SHIT! THIS IS REAL! I’M SO NERVOUS! kind of scream.

Due to laughing at ourselves and thinking about all the scenes that were left out, I only half processed the show. Therefore, I watched it again the next morning 😉

I think House Hunters did a great job capturing our genuine personalities. Sure, while some parts were semi-rehearsed (i.e. walking up to each house) our interactions with one another were for the most part, “real.”

And, yes, Cory does have a thing for comfort-height, elongated toilets.

But, no, that’s not ALL he talked about. That, my friends, is comical editing.

What else is comical? Not only did we end up with our dream home, we ended up with our dream neighbors.

This was on our mailbox bright and early the morning after the show aired:

On the seat: “[Our neighborhood] where all your dreams come true!”

The following day, this showed up:

I still haven’t figured out who this prankster is!!


While I have been recognized by a few strangers (“This is going to sound weird, but were you on TV last night?” and “I’m so glad he got the toilets!”) the paparazzi have yet to show themselves.

Maybe I’ll just have to wait until next week’s Us Weekly Stars, They Just Like Us! feature.