I was Ready to Go

Let’s be honest, homegirl here likes to enjoy adult beverages every now and then. The biggest challenge for me during the 24 day challenge was that I had to be SOBER for 24 days.


At first I was like, psh, no big deal. And Monday thru Thursday, it wasn’t a big deal. It’s not like I drink vodka during the day very often but when it got to be the weekend I was like, FUCK THIS.

I think God knows what we need to help us succeed in life, and as such, I woke up on the first Saturday morning of my cleanse feeling like I got hit by a Mack truck.

Sinus infection.

Thank you, Jesus. That made my first stretch of sobriety very easy.

The rest of the challenge was a…challenge. Go figure. But I did it. And this past weekend was the first time I had tasted the sweet, sweet nectar in almost a month.


I did summa this:


And I quickly realized that 24 days of not drinking would quickly lead to summa this:


fact: this is not my couch.

While I surprisingly did not feel like shit the next morning, I surly did want to sleep in and have a quiet morning alone.

Apparently, Penny the Princess had other plans.


Digressing: I’m interested to see how that’s going to look in a few months. Currently, she’s 3 months old and weighs 40 pounds. And if that’s not an indicator of how big she’s going to get, these little baby paws might be ;)



Weekend Wrap Up

Hello, party people! I hope you had a lovely weekend. I made sure that mine was jam-packed with activities because Cory has been gone since Friday morning, and I get bored easily.

Friday, Jamie came over to spend the night because I simply hate sleeping alone in this big house. It’s totally rational to think that the murderers will stay away when my pretty girlfriend comes to sleep over. Right?

Saturday was brunch with Clare! She recapped our time together perfectly. Long story short, we’re in love and real-life friends now.


Leading up to brunch, I was super excited and slightly nervous. It was literally like going on a first blind date. Lucky for us, we hit it off immediately. She’s freaking hilarious, and I loved chatting about stuff that doesn’t make it on our blogs. It was a total blast.

That night I drank way too much sangria at my neighbor’s house, and got a late start on Sunday before making the drive to Norfolk to hang out with my brother for his birthday.

We drank, obviously. And we made musical history by performing the best duet of all time.


I totally see that guy in the back totally giving me the judge face, but what can you do? People are intimidated by our level of awesomeness.

Weekend Wrap Up: Celebration Style!

This weekend started off on the right foot: happy hour out on our deck. It’s weird how simply sipping a glass of wine and talking with my husband makes me feel like such an adult. I guess because a few years ago that sentence would have been: “throwing back shots with my boyfriend and yelling at a crowded party.”  Gone are the days… ;)

Saturday, our most favorite couple friends, Bobby and Whitney, came into town to visit. Oh, AND TO CELEBRATE THEIR ENGAGEMENT!!

We are just so beyond thrilled for them. They are absolutely perfect for one another and we’re so glad to celebrate with them during this exciting time.

Whitney and I spent the majority of Saturday morning/afternoon chatting about the wedding. It was so fun to hear about her plans, but it also made me reminisce about when I was planning my wedding.

So much so, that this may or may not have happened…

I was dared to wear my gown out to dinner, and as much as I wanted to, I changed back into my real clothes. We walked around downtown and stopped for cupcakes and drinks before heading out to dinner.

When you’re celebrating things like an engagement, dessert can come before dinner.

Dinner at Portico was delicious. I fell asleep on the ride home, Whitney and I watched Dance Moms while the boys played “yard golf” (?) and we were in bed by 10pm. Yep, it was perfect :)

Back from the Beach

I’m back from the beach! It was such a blessing to be able to spend time with the people who make up my “happy place.” We had great weather and I took full advantage of it – spending the majority of my time lounging by the pool.

When we first arrived, I handed out my gifts so we get things started off on the right foot.

Are those glasses not the cutest? I bought them for all the girls from a local shop called Its Letter Perfect. I’m working on monogramming everything I own some stuff, so I’m slightly obsessed with this place.

If the mugs were not enough foreshadowing for you, I’ll just put it out there: We like to match.

It was much less cheesy when we were in diapers, but there are some habits that ‘cha can’t shake, my friends.

We ate too much, drank too much, and probably did too much of nothing (is that really possible while on vacation?) but it was exactly what I needed! I couldn’t have asked for a better 5 days! :)

Great Weather, Great Weekend!

I don’t know about you, but since the weather made the drastic change from fucking miserable to absolutely gorgeous, I feel ecstatic. Even the simplest things are, like, the most fantastic things ever. 

And this weekend had no shortage of the most fantastic things ever.

Friday, it was my turn to host the monthly neighborhood bunco party. Nevermind the fact that I am becoming my mother, I had such a blast.

We all know that Susie Homemaker isn’t really my title, but I pretend to the best of my ability. I found this wine spritzer on Pintrest and it was a super huge hit.

On Saturday, after inhaling a bacon, egg and cheese bagel to quell my pending hangover, we spent ALL DAY doing yard work. It was so nice out, that I didn’t even mind the hours of manual labor.

Don’t let that dirt-eating grin fool you. That labor-loving feeling wore off on Sunday morning. We (read: Cory) are building a deck, and while I didn’t mind spending hours removing sod on Saturday, by Sunday, I was yelling across a 120-pound auger. Something along the lines of, Why aren’t we paying someone to do this?!, may have been thrown out there.

Regardless, Cory worked his ass off (he loves doing this kind of handy stuff) and I helped out where I could. As a result, I spent two days outside without sunscreen. I broke my cardinal WEAR SUNSCREEN rule and am ridiculously angry at myself.

(In case you didn’t know, I am the unofficial spokesmodel for Elmer’s Glue.)

I’m sure you’re upset that you weren’t here to witness the romantic pathetic act of Cory rubbing aloe all over my burnt, burnt body.

And that, my friends, is my mostly perfect weekend in a nutshell!

*If you take nothing away from this post, trust me on the sunscreen ;)


Boho Cycle Studio

Hi, friends! I have something real exciting to talk to you about today. I am super impressed with my friend Shannon – whom you may recognize from the delicious blog, Thirsty Richmond.

She’s freakin’ gorgeous.

Basically, Shannon is amazing. Not only is she stunning, loves food, and is genuinely likable – she’s started her own business, Boho Cycle Studio. Yeah, you read that correctly – HER OWN BUSINESS.

Shannon tells me that:

Boho Cycle Studio is Richmond’s only fitness studio specializing in and dedicated to indoor cycling. We have taken elements and ideas from yoga, mixed them with what it feels like to dance all night at a nightclub, and put it on a bike!

Unlike big gyms that offer indoor cycling, we dedicate all of our energy to making every class an exceptional ride. We have created a format that is a full body conditioning experience, geared to riders at every fitness level. There are no contracts or commitments required as we operate on a pay per class model.

We are dedicated to giving back to our community by promoting a healthy lifestyle. We provide discounted rides to students, fundraising rides for local charities, and healthy resources to riders and neighbors. Riding at Boho is not just a work out. It is an experience. A party on a bike!

Clip in. Let go. Enjoy the ride.

Here’s the cool part: Boho Cycle Studio, has been entered in a Start-Up Competition through the Richmond Chamber of Commerce and needs votes to get to the finals.

Voting starts TODAY and ends on THURSDAY. Here is what you have to do to vote.

1. Go to http://www.ie-rva.org/contest/start-up-competition-2013/

2. Click to vote and select Boho Cycle Studio

3. Repeat once a day for three days

4. Imagine Shannon and me high fiving you in amazing gratitude and thanks!

I realize that you, dear reader, may not be all about indoor cycling or even from Richmond, but at the end of the day, it is about so much more than that! It is about supporting a woman owned business that spreads the message of health, wellness, and having a great time!

I’m also not above a little incentive.

If you go and vote for BOHO (you DO NOT have to be a Richmond dweller) leave a comment telling me you did. I’ll put you in the running to receive some Love Grown Granola from my own pantry.

Thanks, friends!! Voting ends Thursday, so I’ll announce the LFG winna on Friday! :)

What More Could I Ask For?!

It’s been a little over three months since we moved into our new house, but this weekend we had our official housewarming party!

Don’t you adore these cookies?! Check out Kate from Kooking in Kate’s Kitchen – she’s amazing! 

Although we’ve had several parties since we’ve moved in, this was the first visit to the new digs for several friends and family members. That said, many of the “regulars” were here, and it was a great time!

My mom is the cutest.

There was more than enough food….

And the bar was stocked…

Cory’s favorite: bourbon & ginger

And we spent the afternoon hanging around the people we love the most. Although I was nervous to have a party all about my house, it was a perfect day, and my heart is full. What more could I possibly ask for?!

…Maybe for a one certain university to cancel night classes? ;)


Weekend Wrap Up

Hey, friends! Happy Monday! This weekend, like many weekends, was here and gone in a flash. Cory and I headed to VMI this weekend to celebrate the wedding of my college friend, Danielle, and her other half, Steve.

It was a beautiful day, and I had the honor of being IN the wedding, along with four other beautiful ladies that I had the pleasure of getting to know.

Being in a group of girls you don’t know can be intimidating, but Danielle sure does know how to pick a good bunch. I had such a great time with these ladies, and we quickly realized that we have the same sense of humor, likes and dislikes :) That’s always a nice find!

Cory, who didn’t know a soul at the wedding besides Danielle and myself, had no trouble making friends with the boyfriends of the other bridesmaids.

As you can tell, the photo area was quite the hit with the guests. I can’t wait to see how the pictures on the photographer’s camera turned out. Then again, maybe I can… ;)

Have a fantastic Monday, ladies and gents! I’ll catch ya later!

Weekend Wrap Up

Hello, friends! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend – I know I did!*

*except for the fact that I broke my fucking iPhone and am now phone-less.

Cory and I made the trip up to Northern Virginia to see our best couple friends, Bobby and Whitney! We had SUCH a good time, per the usual.

Friday night was casual and laid back, as all Fridays should be. Saturday, though, we hit the ground runnin’.

Our first stop of the day was (Dunkin Donuts) a local farmer’s market. I was so thrilled when Bobby mentioned it. Aren’t farmer’s market’s THE best? Especially when you can make friends with little lambs?

You know why this is funny? (Hint: My first name is actually Mary.) Get it? ;)

We had lunch at Cory’s favorite local place, District Taco. You guys know I’m all about the Mexican food, and when I say District Taco is legit, you better believe me. Anyone in NOVA care to chime in? 

We also stopped by The Container Store, which if you ask me, is total paradise. Even though I’m not the most organized person, this store made me WANT to be the most organized person. Ever.

Before, heading home to comfy pants and the most delicious home cooked food, we stopped by a local distillery (of which I cannot remember the name!) for a short tour.

It was a small place, and we joked about it’s semi-creepy location, but once inside it was neat. An employee explained the process of making liquor, which was actually quite interesting, but then there was the “liquid portion of the tour” which was terrifying.

 I don’t do shots (that often) so I was thankful that this tour was only $5 – because I handled one sip before I felt like I was going to vom everywhere. UGH.

Sunday morning we hit the road. I was anxious to save my doggy from the kennel, but you guys were right, he didn’t even miss us! Other than being a little hungrier than usual, Campbell is doing just fine! :)

Have a happy Tuesday, ladies and gents! 

Virginia Wine Expo!

This weekend I spent some time at the Virginia Wine Expo here in good ol’ Richmond, Virginia!

Over 40 wineries set up shop in the Richmond Convention Center while we (and thousands of fellow thirsty wine lovers) sipped and sampled our way through the venue.

I was expecting to be sardined in the Convention Center, but I was pleasantly surprised, as we never had to wait more than a few minutes for a tasting. In fact, tastings were so readily available, that things got a little “silly” pretty quickly.

Cory and Jamie were more adventurous than I, as I stuck to tasting mostly whites, but I was convinced by several vendors to try “training wheels reds” and I was never disappointed!

I absolutely fell in love with one vendor, though. To start off, the Bluestone Vineyard booth was staffed by the friendliest women. At one point, we went back for seconds, and they remembered us!

Friendliness aside, their Estate Grown Moscato is hands down the best Moscato I’ve ever tasted. It’s peach and honey flavor reminded me of summertime, and I instantly fell in love. Jamie did, too. :)

It was so great seeing so many friends drinking wine in one place! This was my first year at the event, but it certainly won’t be my last!

Let’s chat – When it comes to wine, are you a red or white kinda person?