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Being OKAY with Holiday Weight Gain

Recently, on a website that shall remain nameless, I saw a post about how to avoid holiday weight gain. I reacted to it the same way I do when I see Facebook statuses about people playing Christmas music before they’ve … Continue reading

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Weekend Wrap Up: Celebration Style!

This weekend started off on the right foot: happy hour out on our deck. It’s weird how simply sipping a glass of wine and talking with my husband makes me feel like such an adult. I guess because a few … Continue reading

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Getting Back on Track

I know some people (my former self included) classify this blog as a “healthy living blog,” but I’m starting to shy away from that label and instead, referring to this as a “lifestyle blog.” Even though I do make an … Continue reading

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I’m Getting Paid for This?

Hey, friends! Happy Friday! Man, this week has totally flown by, hasn’t it? First of all – thank you so much for supporting my friend Shannon. I can’t wait to hear the results! I’ll be sure to keep you all … Continue reading

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Thoughts During The First Day of a Diet “Adjustment”

I’ve been stuck in a familiar rut lately. I’ve been eating and drinking whatever I want, whenever I want. Long story short, Cory and I agreed we’d tighten the reigns at home, cut the crap, and hold each other accountable. … Continue reading

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Ringing in 2013!

Happy 2013, my friends! Last night we hosted a “get together” and rung in the New Year with our closest friends. It was a fun, low key night filled with Cards Against Humanity, tons of food, and drinking games I … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Came Early

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!  I got lucky and was able to celebrate Thanksgiving a day early For yet another year in a row, my mother-in-law, Joni, hosted a perfectly executed Thanksgiving dinner. Joni is the Queen of Hosting, and I’m … Continue reading

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Have Fun, Eat Sweets

Lately, I’ve been seeing tons of articles and blog posts about staying healthy during the holiday season. I’ve heard of people challenging themselves to lose weight between Thanksgiving and Christmas (insane, IMO), and I’ve read of holiday recipes void of … Continue reading

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A Night at CineBistro

I’ll tell you the truth – I rarely go see a movie in the theatre. The overwhelming smell of stale, buttery popcorn genuinely makes me nauseous, my feet stick to the floor, and I always end up with a pack … Continue reading

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Go with Bo

It’s election season. Who’s enjoying the mud slinging, nasty chain emails, and ignorant Facebook statuses? Yeah. I’ve got to be honest with you – I’m tired of that. Let’s switch up the campaigning shall we? Today, I’m not talkin’ about … Continue reading

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