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Group Fitness is for Pretty Girls

Okay, don’t let the title fool you. I’m just as enraged and confused as you are. This morning, I went to the gym to achieve what I like to call Jell-o Arm Status. It was achieved, but that’s besides the … Continue reading

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My Mom, the Champion Sportswear Fan

All my life, my mom has been this little petite woman with a slight aversion to fitness. When I first told her that I was planning to run a half marathon, her response was not filled with pride and encouragement; … Continue reading

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Boho Cycle Studio

Hi, friends! I have something real exciting to talk to you about today. I am super impressed with my friend Shannon - whom you may recognize from the delicious blog, Thirsty Richmond. She’s freakin’ gorgeous. Basically, Shannon is amazing. Not only … Continue reading

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Sometimes {I Don’t Make it to the Gym}

I go to the gym in the morning. Let me rephrase: If I go to the gym, I go in the morning. And lately, that’s a big fat if. Sometimes, my bed is just too warm to leave. Sometimes, I’d … Continue reading

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The Little Things (that Make me Happy)

Life is so wonderful, and so full of happy things, that sometimes words fail to describe it’s goodness. If you look for them, the little things add up quickly, and it’s difficult not to be overwhelmed by joy. Here are … Continue reading

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The Couple that Namastes Together, Stays Together(?)

Today, Cory and I tried something new and took a yoga class together. I hyped up this upcoming experience like nobody’s business because yoga at my old gym was totally perfect. Cory, you’ll feel so relaxed and centered. Cory, I … Continue reading

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Fitness Friday: A Laid Back Approach

I was doing pretty good with Fitness Fridays for about about six weeks, but I totally dropped the ball. The last one was back in August! In case you’re interested, the other topics I covered were as follows: My Fitness … Continue reading

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I’m Hooked: Why I’m Lovin’ Yoga

When I injured my ankle last month (which is doing much better by the way), my fitness routine inevitably changed. I had to take a chill pill, get creative, and step outside my fitness box. Running and any sort of … Continue reading

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Weekend in Review

Hello, my friends! I hope you had a spectacular weekend. I was absolutely swamped with work and school last week, so it was absolutely necessary to step away from all things interweb related. I think I utilized Twitter/Instagram/Facebook a total … Continue reading

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Injurys + Irrational Thoughts (and Staying Positive)

What a title, huh? As some of you know, three weeks ago I took a nasty spill in a Body Step class and really jacked up my pride ankle. When it happened, I thought a sprain was no big deal … Continue reading

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