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Cheap Date

Cory often boasts that I’m a cheap date. I like to split meals. I get a buzz off of one drink. I’d rather go to the movies during the day. I believe in coupons. I’m don’t believe in sending flowers. … Continue reading

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The Couple that Namastes Together, Stays Together(?)

Today, Cory and I tried something new and took a yoga class together. I hyped up this upcoming experience like nobody’s business because yoga at my old gym was totally perfect. Cory, you’ll feel so relaxed and centered. Cory, I … Continue reading

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DOHmestic Bliss: Kitchen Catastrophe

Yesterday I got home from work with enough time to feel guilty about sitting around watching TV until Cory got home. Although I had two episodes of Snapped recorded, I opted for productivity. I took the dog for a walk … Continue reading

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The Hard Work Has Paid Off!

Since we made the move to Richmond two months ago, I have been referred to as a “kept woman” and a “lady of leisure” on more than one occasion. Because I moved for my husband’s job, people assumed I was … Continue reading

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Hosts with the Most(s)

We hosted our first holiday! Cory and I successfully hosted our families yesterday for Easter brunch. In my world, it’s an accomplishment if I can time my Keurig coffee and oatmeal to be ready at the same time, so the … Continue reading

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The Running Nazi

Tomorrow is the Monument Avenue 10K! It’s a huge race here in Richmond, and I’m so excited I’m able to run it again this year (last year I had a Saturday class.) Monument 10K 2010 I’d be lying if I … Continue reading

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Be Still, My Heart: A Day of Firsts

I had a “first” yesterday and I’m pretty excited about it. I joined a gym. As in, a gym that’s not located in my apartment complex. As in, a gym that has more than three treadmills. As in, a gym … Continue reading

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DOHmestic: I’m Getting the Hang of This

Last night I had what felt like a million things going on at once – in a really tight space. I was baking cupcakes, putting away clean dishes, and taking care of laundry. Okay, not a million things, but you … Continue reading

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Making Moves! Literally.

Man, I have A LOT of catching up to do with you all!  In the last few weeks, Cory and I have been through what I coined as an “running an emotional marathon.” Sometimes, you look for opportunities in life … Continue reading

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Dating: It’s Hard. Sort Of.

Yesterday I had more than one conversation about how dating is hard work. It was funny because now that I’m an old married hag, people rarely ask me about dating since I’ve been “off the market” for quite some time. Oh, … Continue reading

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