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Weekend Thoughts

Crucify me if you must, but I’m just gonna say it: The PSL has been replaced in my life. Dunkin Donuts has better pumpkin coffee than Starbucks. It’s fact. There are few things more frustrating than having to learn the … Continue reading

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Highlight Reel

Oh, it’s Monday again. This weekend was quite the blur for me. You know, one those weekends that go by so quickly that around 8:00 on Sunday night you’re like, Shit tomorrow’s Monday.  Cory was away a bachelor party this … Continue reading

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Thursday Thoughts

1. I received a sample NatureBox in the mail yesterday! I have been looking forward to it for weeks now, and I’m pretty excited about all it’s contents. But the winner so far? The dried pear slices. 2. For the … Continue reading

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Cake Pop Giveaway!

Last week, some of you noticed the outstandingly adorable cake pops that the lovely ladies at Alexandria Cake Pop Co. sent me. personalized blog cake pops?! yes, please! Just so you know, 12 cake pops were gone in two days (well, … Continue reading

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A Great Day in Richmond

Good morning! Yesterday was great day here in Richmond. Why? A couple of reasons. 1. Emily took the day off of work so we could frolic around town on a perfectly sunny 80 degree day. We went to Star-Lite for … Continue reading

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Scenes from the Weekend

The weekend started off in Richmond with searching for a place to live. You know, because we’re moving in 12 days. Saturday was spent in Georgetown at CB2 (I’m obsessed. Find one near you!) and Sprinkles. I ended up with … Continue reading

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DOHmestic: I’m Getting the Hang of This

Last night I had what felt like a million things going on at once – in a really tight space. I was baking cupcakes, putting away clean dishes, and taking care of laundry. Okay, not a million things, but you … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Honest with You

I’ve got to be honest with you. Over the past week, my main source of exercise has been walking from the kitchen to the couch. I’ve been successful at sneaking bites of cake and pie when no one was looking and sampling … Continue reading

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A Little Overboard

My motto in life is: “Everything in moderation.” But sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like I throw moderation to the wind and dive into a huge pool of gluttony. Oy. This weekend was one of those gluttonous dives. Cory and I … Continue reading

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Easter Recap

Happy belated Easter, my friends! Whether you celebrate the day or not, I hope you had a great weekend Mine was fantastic. It was filled with family, relaxation and a whole lotta food. It was wonderful! I think it’s perfectly … Continue reading

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