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Weekend Wrap Up

Hello, friends! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend – I know I did!* *except for the fact that I broke my fucking iPhone and am now phone-less. Cory and I made the trip up to Northern Virginia to … Continue reading

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The Little Things (that Make me Happy)

Life is so wonderful, and so full of happy things, that sometimes words fail to describe it’s goodness. If you look for them, the little things add up quickly, and it’s difficult not to be overwhelmed by joy. Here are … Continue reading

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A Day at the [Doggy] Spa

It shames me to realize that I could easily be one of those bitties who wears a sweatshirt with her dog’s face screen printed on the front. You know, it would read: “World’s Best Boy” or something equally horrendous. Yes, I’ve … Continue reading

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Brunchy Weekend

Oh, Monday. We meet again. For a pretty lazy weekend, this one flew by! Saturday morning was spent doing the three things I love most: spending time with Cory, working out, and eating. Emily and I headed to BodyPUMP Saturday … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday Hike

Do you know why I love Twitter so much? Because it’s like a personal Google. All I have to do is ask a question, and someone is bound to answer it. When I called out for any suggestions on where … Continue reading

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Fitness: It Doesn’t Look the Same to Everyone

This morning I woke up and immediately slipped into gym clothes. I mindlessly laced up my shoes and haphazardly pinned my hair up into a mess that resembled a pony tail. If you can pick up on context clues, you … Continue reading

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Scenes from the Weekend

The weekend started off in Richmond with searching for a place to live. You know, because we’re moving in 12 days. Saturday was spent in Georgetown at CB2 (I’m obsessed. Find one near you!) and Sprinkles. I ended up with … Continue reading

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You Know You’re a Dog Owner When…

… You can’t help but talk to your dog in a “goo goo ga ga” voice. You know what I’m talking about.  … You plan your social outings around your dog’s food and bowel movement schedule. … You can’t watch … Continue reading

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Domestic Redemption

While I dreamt of using my day off yesterday to sit around in my PJs and having a movie marathon, my productive husband had other plans for us. We started day two of our 2012 in 2012 with a 5 mile … Continue reading

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What a Year!

Happy 2012, my friends!! Seriously, 2011 was here and gone in a flash. I had such an amazing year, and my heart is filled with thanks and happiness whenever I look back on was has been, by far, the best … Continue reading

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