Candid Thoughts During Spin Class

Spinning is certainly one of my go-to classes when I need a masochistic ass-kicking. I like spin class because it’s an intense cardio workout that is void of running and it leaves me feeling totally accomplished.

This morning, Emily met me bright and early – and I mean early – for her first spin class ever.

I know I Tweet about loving spin. I fitfluential hashtag the shit out of it, too. But during the class, it’s nothing Tweet home about.

My Not-So-Tweet-Worthy Thoughts During Spin Class

My ass hurts. Class hasn’t even started yet. 

Oh, God. My vag hurts, too. Who the hell designed these bike seats!? 

Yes! I love this song! …4 minutes and 30 seconds later… I HATE THIS SONG!

How are her legs moving so fast?! 

If I passed out, I’d have an excuse to stop this. 


But all those thoughts disappear when the instructor congratulates the class and tells us to cool down. God, I love a well-earned cool down. And my shaky legs as I walk to my car.

You win, Spin Bike. You always do. That’s why I come up here. 

Let’s chat – Am I the only one who complains in my head (and under my breath) in a group fitness class? 

Unrelated topic of interest – Is everyone excited about the Anchorman sequel?! Will Ferrell could read the phone book and I’d still think it’s hilarious. 


  1. LK says

    Two comments in two days. You are on fire from me.

    But seriously. That spin bike looks like a medieval torture device. Poor vag.

  2. says

    “My ass hurts. Class hasn’t even started yet.” – you are effing awesome.

    No you are not alone. I’m pretty much cursing in my head the entire time I’m working out…group fitness or not.

  3. says

    Oh I become the rudest, nastiest person in my head during spin class. And the great thing about the music being up so loud is that if I actually start cursing the instructor (or my seat) out loud, nobody can hear me. At least I don’t THINK they can…,,

  4. says

    Gosh we sound awfully similar. I tell everyone how much I dislike spin because it is ao difficult for me but it is such a GREAT workout. It’s defiantly a love hate relationship. I hate it until its done and then I love it when I’m on my way home.

  5. Danielle says

    I think we have twin lives….. I did spinning this morning also, my thoughts were about the same as yours except at fuck this is hard in there like 5x. LOVE YOU! Let me know about second weekend in April still :) missss youuuu

  6. says

    Oh, I’ve recently fallen back in love with spinning, but seriously, how do the instructors legs move so fast?? I think that all the time. And how can they possibly still talk to us through the mic? If I was miked up, all you would hear is “Arffff, puffff, hrggggg”

  7. Esther says

    Before and after spinning I am happy and proud of myself for an awesome workout. During spinning I hope something heavy falls on the instructor or me, just to make it end. But man, when we finally cool down at the end, it’s pretty awesome :)

  8. says

    I swear up a storm inside my head (or under my breath) during spin… and when I lift… Don’t know what it is but I guess intense workouts seem to piss me off more than usual hahaha
    Another Anchorman?! That just made my day!

  9. says

    All of those un-Tweeted thoughts run through my mind EVERY time too! And I’m pretty sure they’re floating around in everyone else’s minds too 😛 Spin classes make me wanna invest in some padded shorts…

  10. says

    I am SO GLAD that someone else’s ass/lady parts hurt during class. I always wonder if I am the only one silently screaming in pain! I have to say that most of the time, I love spinning as a form of cross-training, but OUCH. It can hurt.

  11. Mary Elllen McCarthy says

    I also don’t want to try spinning for all those reasons. I also don’t have any kids, yes some of it is fear of the pain. I would have to have an epidural to think about adoption or a spin class. My lady parts are thanking me for no babies and no spin class.

  12. says

    I always think the exact same thing during spinning class. I can barely drag myself there because it seems like an eternity when you’re doing it, but it is such a great feeling when it’s over and your legs feel that masochistic feeling of good!

  13. kristen @ livinlifeinlouie says

    Oh man. Spin class. i need to get back there, but I know how much I complain (in my head too) during most of it! haha

  14. says

    What a great blog post!! I complain all the time in my head while I am doing a group fitness class…..especially about the music the instructor is playing and how uncomfortable spin seats can be!

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