Can I Be Obnoxious for a Minute?

Can I be obnoxious for a minute?


Isn’t my dog just absolutely stunning? I think she totally stole the show for our Christmas card this year. But I’d expect nothing less, because she’s a Diva Dane and I shamelessly enable her.


*End: obnoxious dog mama brag

(*unless you follow me on Instagram)

So, I’ve totally been unintentionally MIA lately. I’m sure everyone throughout the blog land has been in mourning. Maybe someone started a Where is Colleen Wednesday (#WICW) linkup?

No? Weird. 

Seriously though, how the hell have you been? Wonderful, I hope. All is well here! I plan on taking five minutes to stop Instagramming pictures of my dog and binge watching American Horror Story (OMG WTF?!) and get back to a regular routine over here! I miss it!

I’ve got funny stories to tell, people (read: myself) to make fun of, and puppy pictures to bombard you with!



  1. says

    She is such a beauty she really is! I don’t blame you for being a crazy dog mama!! 😀 I like your Christmas card photo shoot! Did you get a professional in to take them? It’s not something that’s really done over here in the UK. I can’t imagine our two dogs sitting still long enough to get a decent photo!!

    I missed you!! But I haven’t been blogging recently either. Been busy with work but now I’m off on maternity leave – waiting for baby to arrive!

  2. says

    Your dog IS frickin adorable! I found your blog on the HLB website by searching for other bloggers in Fairfax because, SURPRISE, I live there, too. Can I come pet your dog now? 😉

  3. Casey says

    Penny = adorbs.

    I finished season 2 of American Horror Story on Netflix Monday. And yeah, “WTF” is completely appropriate for this show. Seriously, I watch and am shocked and puzzled yet can’t look away…

  4. says

    I love this! Brag on, Dog-Mama! She is gorgeous.
    I totally bombarded family and friends with shameless poochie pics for years….and then I had human babies and the photo-bragging was kicked up to a whole other level. 😉
    I’m off to follow you on Instagram….

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