Can I Be Obnoxious for a Minute?

Can I be obnoxious for a minute?


Isn’t my dog just absolutely stunning? I think she totally stole the show for our Christmas card this year. But I’d expect nothing less, because she’s a Diva Dane and I shamelessly enable her.


*End: obnoxious dog mama brag

(*unless you follow me on Instagram)

So, I’ve totally been unintentionally MIA lately. I’m sure everyone throughout the blog land has been in mourning. Maybe someone started a Where is Colleen Wednesday (#WICW) linkup?

No? Weird. 

Seriously though, how the hell have you been? Wonderful, I hope. All is well here! I plan on taking five minutes to stop Instagramming pictures of my dog and binge watching American Horror Story (OMG WTF?!) and get back to a regular routine over here! I miss it!

I’ve got funny stories to tell, people (read: myself) to make fun of, and puppy pictures to bombard you with!


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26 Responses to Can I Be Obnoxious for a Minute?

  1. Becster says:

    She is such a beauty she really is! I don’t blame you for being a crazy dog mama!! :D I like your Christmas card photo shoot! Did you get a professional in to take them? It’s not something that’s really done over here in the UK. I can’t imagine our two dogs sitting still long enough to get a decent photo!!

    I missed you!! But I haven’t been blogging recently either. Been busy with work but now I’m off on maternity leave – waiting for baby to arrive!

  2. Welcome back! Those big puppy ears are just adorable. And you guys look great in your card, too!

  3. AHS is crazy and your pup is adorable!

  4. YES!! So glad you’re back!
    Y’all are a ridiculously photogenic family….or maybe it’s just the dog makes y’all look good :)

  5. I love your Christmas card pictures! So cute!

  6. Parita says:

    What a beautiful family!! Glad you’re back!

  7. I saw your family photos on FB, and I LOOOVED them! Absolutely beautiful – all three of you! We’ve missed you over here too!

  8. You do have a rather gorgeous pup!!!! :)

  9. You are hilarious, your dog is awesome, and your Christmas picture is beautiful!

  10. Megan says:


  11. Kate says:

    can I come steal your dog? She is precious!!!

  12. Caroline says:

    Awww- what a great Christmas picture, and your dog certainly is ADORABLE!

  13. Tis the season to stop blogging! I have also been MIA, can we have a WACAG link up? (where are colleen and georgia?) Plus, Penny is gorgeous, but so are you! It’s an absolutely beautiful Christmas Card. Happy holidays!!

  14. Kelsey says:

    She is absolutely stunning…definitely stole the show!

  15. Your dog is freaking fabulous! Bombard away! :)

  16. as a fellow obsessed dog mom – i LOOoooooovvvvee penny pictures. I just love her and she is stunning and adorable!

  17. Your dog IS frickin adorable! I found your blog on the HLB website by searching for other bloggers in Fairfax because, SURPRISE, I live there, too. Can I come pet your dog now? ;-)

  18. Casey says:

    Penny = adorbs.

    I finished season 2 of American Horror Story on Netflix Monday. And yeah, “WTF” is completely appropriate for this show. Seriously, I watch and am shocked and puzzled yet can’t look away…

  19. What a gorgeous dog!!!! I have heard so much about American Horror Story, I think I need to check it out!

  20. Ya, you need to get back to bombarding. And getting your gorgeous face back onto this page. #WICW

  21. Your dog absolutely is amazing. I’m contributing to your enabling by liking every single instagram pic you post!

  22. I love this! Brag on, Dog-Mama! She is gorgeous.
    I totally bombarded family and friends with shameless poochie pics for years….and then I had human babies and the photo-bragging was kicked up to a whole other level. ;-)
    I’m off to follow you on Instagram….

  23. what a sweetheart! I am a proud doggie mama too, brag away!

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