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Hi, friends! I have something real exciting to talk to you about today. I am super impressed with my friend Shannon – whom you may recognize from the delicious blog, Thirsty Richmond.

She’s freakin’ gorgeous.

Basically, Shannon is amazing. Not only is she stunning, loves food, and is genuinely likable – she’s started her own business, Boho Cycle Studio. Yeah, you read that correctly – HER OWN BUSINESS.

Shannon tells me that:

Boho Cycle Studio is Richmond’s only fitness studio specializing in and dedicated to indoor cycling. We have taken elements and ideas from yoga, mixed them with what it feels like to dance all night at a nightclub, and put it on a bike!

Unlike big gyms that offer indoor cycling, we dedicate all of our energy to making every class an exceptional ride. We have created a format that is a full body conditioning experience, geared to riders at every fitness level. There are no contracts or commitments required as we operate on a pay per class model.

We are dedicated to giving back to our community by promoting a healthy lifestyle. We provide discounted rides to students, fundraising rides for local charities, and healthy resources to riders and neighbors. Riding at Boho is not just a work out. It is an experience. A party on a bike!

Clip in. Let go. Enjoy the ride.

Here’s the cool part: Boho Cycle Studio, has been entered in a Start-Up Competition through the Richmond Chamber of Commerce and needs votes to get to the finals.

Voting starts TODAY and ends on THURSDAY. Here is what you have to do to vote.

1. Go to

2. Click to vote and select Boho Cycle Studio

3. Repeat once a day for three days

4. Imagine Shannon and me high fiving you in amazing gratitude and thanks!

I realize that you, dear reader, may not be all about indoor cycling or even from Richmond, but at the end of the day, it is about so much more than that! It is about supporting a woman owned business that spreads the message of health, wellness, and having a great time!

I’m also not above a little incentive.

If you go and vote for BOHO (you DO NOT have to be a Richmond dweller) leave a comment telling me you did. I’ll put you in the running to receive some Love Grown Granola from my own pantry.

Thanks, friends!! Voting ends Thursday, so I’ll announce the LFG winna on Friday! :)


    • Colleen says

      Sorry for the confusion – voting opened at 9AM! There is a “vote now” button in the top left :) Thanks, Emily!

  1. says

    Colleen! My eyes are tearing up and coworkers are looking at me funny..YOU ARE THE BEST! Thank you to every who clicks over a votes. Voting starts at 9am, Tuesday 3/26! Thank you, thank you!

    • says

      This is seriously awesome. I am gearing up for my first Flywheel class in Chicago this weekend on a trip with my girlfriends, and I was literally just yesterday googling around for a spinning studio here in Richmond (I already have a gym membership which I’m not willing to give up, but they don’t offer spinning or anything comparable). THIS.IS.AWESOME.

  2. Nikki R. says

    I’m trying to vote, but it is coming up saying “Voting has been closed”. Do they perhaps just not have it open at all yet? I’ll keep trying!

  3. Morgan says

    3 days in a row for BOHO!!! Thanks for putting this out there…I am a HUGE CYCLING/SPINNING FAN/FITNESS FREAK so it was only necessary that I participate!

  4. Melanie says

    I LOVE THIS SPINNING STUDIO! Shannon is the BEST–an instructor genuinely thrilled to be there, to make you feel like a part of the pack, and to give you the greatest workout! I definitely voted!

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