Black Friday Finds

I know it’s 7:00 and I should say good morning!, but it feels more like the afternoon. I was a crazy fool who woke up at 4:15 to take full advantage of the 50% off sale going on at my favorite place:

There is something so sneakily exciting about getting in the car when it’s still dark to go shopping. It felt like I was breaking the rules.

(As you can tell, I don’t break many rules.)

As I set my alarm last night, I had visions of throwing ‘bows at crazed soccer moms in order to get my mitts on glittery, half-priced cardigans. I also feared overwhelming parking lots and the possibility of being trampled to death by a mass of fellow bargain lovers.

Per the usual, my grandiose fears were all for naught.

The place was empty. I got a parking spot right up front and didn’t have to wait in one single line. Apparently the rush happened last night between 9 PM and midnight? I was sleeping.

I had a pretty sweet LOFT gift card burning a hole in my clutch and because everything in the store is 50% today, I glided amongst the racks as if everything was practically free.

I ended up with a pair of their modern straight jeans and four tops for $45. FORTY FIVE BUCKS.

I was so thrilled with my LOFT finds that I pranced on over to Bath & Body Works to pick up two of their three-wick candles for ten bucks a pop. Can’t beat it.

My only mistake was not stopping by Starbucks 😉 While I’m not actually dead-tired just yet, I suspect that feeling will hit me like a ton of bricks round 2:00 this afternoon.

Let’s chat – Did you do/have you ever done any Black Friday shopping?


  1. says

    Those are great deals! I used to go shopping on Black Friday with my cousin and sisters, but we wouldn’t go until 9am on Friday, and it was more about spending time together than shopping. Last year, I went to Kohl’s at midnight — but I’ll never do that again. This year, I slept in and enjoyed it :).

  2. kimathungryhealthygirl says

    I’m about to make my way out and I’m glad you mention Bath and Body Works. I will definitely be making a stop there to pick up Christmas candles!

  3. says

    I went to Target after our Thanksgiving meal last night. They opened at 9, and I got there at 10. ALL I wanted was the $8 waffle maker advertised in their circular. WHAT was I thinking?! It was already sold out and the line was so long there was no way I was going to wait in it for one item anyway… lesson learned.

  4. says

    STEALS! A few years ago I went early in the AM with my mom and got accosted by an older woman… she almost had me in tears. Needless to say I haven’t gone that early since.

    I did go around 9 this year after breakfast with the boyfriend. The mall was pretty busy but definitely manageable. And the doorbuster sales went until 1pm so I was golden :)

    Those sweaters are adorable… I want some!

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