Bathing Suit Shopping

Things that are better than going bathing  suit shopping:

  1. Traffic
  2. A stingy bar tender
  3. Math
  4. Taking a bite of pizza too soon after it comes out of the oven, resulting in burning the bejesus out of the top of your mouth.
  5.  Knowing that Ryan Gossling isn’t single
  6. Having to stop to get gas
  7. Stubbing your toe
  8. Sweet Frog being out of rainbow sprinkles
  9. That ravenous/belligerent feeling you get when you know dinner is still 30 minutes away and you’re thisclose to gnawing your arm off.
  10. Getting weighed at the doctor, while constipated, in the middle of the day, after you’ve eaten breakfast and lunch.


  1. says

    I thought I was the only one who truly hates stopping to get gas. My parents always told me to keep it at a half a tank at all times, but NO! It’s not going to happen. I run that tank until I’m having to push my car to the gas station. I HATE it.

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