Bad Blogger

Good morning, my friends! My Stay Awake & Don’t Get Too Hungry game plan yesterday was a success ;) My lunch was the best part. A crushed up Raw Crunch bar and blackberries mixed with some vanilla Chobani. YUM!

My class was so incredibly interesting and I learned so much. If anyone wants to chat LGBTQ, let me know! ;)

I was bummed that I couldn’t run in the 10K with Cory, but he did great without me, finishing in 60 minutes! 40,000 people ran this race! We ran together last year and I remember finding it difficult to get into a good pace before mile 2 – it’s just so crowded!

I was a bad blogger this weekend and I didn’t take many pictures of food and I didn’t really exercise. Don’t hate. I’ve been busy.

I promise that tomorrow I will be back to normal. Thanks for understanding! I hope you’re enjoying the last bit of you weekend! :)


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    no worries pretty girl i actually am JUST About to go to the gym for the first time this weekend ahhh! ha i know the feeling ;) get back in that routine and can’t wait for a fabulous post tomorrow as always! xo have a fabulous sunday!

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    It’s okay girl! I actually haven’t exercised in weeks due to my achilles and needing to let it rest! So understand, wanting to take a little break! Sometimes it’s definitely necessary!

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