Awkward and Outgoing

As most of you know, I’m naturally awkward and outgoing. A winning combination if you don’t mind regulalry making an ass out of yourself.

Case in point: Friday was Cory’s birthday so we headed downtown to Casa del Barco for dinner. When we walked in, two girls from my favorite local radio station were set up doing promo stuff.

Of course I approached them and told them that ohmygosh I, like, totally love the morning show on your station! 

The proceeded to tell me that, Jack, one half of the morning show, was around and they asked if I’d like to meet him. Of course! 

At first, I thought I’ll keep an out for him. What was I thinking? That I’d hear his voice in the crowded restaurant and go, JACK?! HI!!

I can be an idiot.

Anyway, these girls were totally serious about coming to find me when he came back, so at the end of dinner this cute bubbly girl came over to our table and said, Jack’s at the bar if you want to meet him!

SURE! I say. And as I got up and started walking over to him, it dawned on me how awkward the situation was about to be

But what was I to do? Stop and say, nope – just kidding. I’m good to just not meet him.

There was no going back, folks. I had to commit.

I introduced myself and like the most awkward person on Earth, I said – Can we take a picture? I have a blog.

Yes, I did want to punch myself in the face immediately after those words left my mouth.

Thankfully, Jack was super chill and if he was thinking why the fuck is this awkward chick talking to me? he hid it quite well. He even told me he has a blog, and that’s how he got his radio job.

Hey, Jack, we pretty much have the same hair cut and I think I have a great face for radio, so if you know of any openings or if you and Melissa are looking to make your duo a trio, holla at ‘cha girl .

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  1. says

    Oh my gosh!! I’m the exact same way! I’ve been told that I’m really good at making people feel comfortable and being friendly to strangers, etc. Except that it usually involves me looking like a twit in some form or other by talking too fast, or being overly enthusiastic about the situation. I’ve decided that if my awkwardness makes people feel comfortable, then at least someone is happy! 😀

  2. mariyah says

    hi! so i found your blog bc of house hunters- i grew up in chesterfield/moseley and now live in richmond, and now i’m borderline obsessed with this blog, haha. casa was one of my first jobs ( i was a hostess). anyway, just wanted to say thanks for this blog, it’s so perfect!

    • Colleen says

      Hi, Mariyah! That’s so neat that you stopped by because of House Hunters! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a nice comment!!

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