A Perfect Fall Day

Yesterday Cory and I spent the day roaming around Northern Virginia so I could cover two different events for a small, local newspaper. It was a perfect, perfect fall day and I was so thankful to be spending it with my husband.

Our first stop was a local Farmer’s Market. I love Farmer’s Market’s. I love the fresh food, the friendly vendors, the fact that you can be outside and shop for food, the samples – everything!

I grabbed up some delicious Honey Crisp apples, and Cory snagged a Whoopie Pie from Cornerstone Baked Goods.

I told Cory that I love him because he’s a “good eater.” He said “You mean you always buy and eat healthy food and you like that I always eat bad, unhealthy food that you can take bites of.”

Yes. You are right, sir.

The next location was Wilson’s Wild Animal Park in a rural part of Northern, Va – about an hour north of the city. I was expecting to see goats and chickens, which we did, but I was shocked when we saw camels, lions, emu, black bears, bison and so much more!

Me: Oh my God, Cory! He looks just like Shrek’s friend!

Cory: Yeah. He was a donkey.

And while I was working, how could I pass up on some pumpkins? You’re right. I couldn’t.

Nevermind the fact that we were the only ones there without children, let alone the only ones there without children who were taking pictures in the pumpkin patch.

Whatever. We do what we want 😉

How did you spend your Saturday?


  1. says

    We went to a pumpkin patch yesterday!

    Hey, Mike and I would go on our own, its fun at any age! Im sure next year Anthony will be too cool to go, so we will be on our own ; )

    You look adorable! Love your shoes ; )

    Happy Sunday!


  2. says

    I LOVE farmer’s markets. The ones in my area don’t open till another week or two. I cannot wait to get to one! No shame in taking pictures in a pumpkin patch. I’d totally do the same 😀

  3. Kelly says

    My boyfriend and I went shopping at Sam’s Club, had a lazy afternoon and then went over to a friend’s house to have a BBQ and watch the Nebraska game. It was a good day!!

  4. says

    are apples not like THE DEFINITION of fall, well i guess that and canned pumpkin but for realsies perfect fall days make lives complete haha

  5. says

    There’s a house a few miles from here that has donkeys in a fence on the front lawn. My husband and I always slow down to look at them every time we go by, even when we’re in a hurry, lol! We love donkeys! Hope to have one or 20 one day.

    Love all of the other animals and the pumpkins and apples. Fall is so much fun. :)

  6. says

    Both places sound like a lot of fun and who cares if you guys were the only ones playing in the pumpkin patch without kids! Other people were probably jealous that they never got to come there until they had kids of their own to bring.

  7. says

    Saturday was actually very productive despite the rainy gloomy weather we had here. My roommate and I walked in an Alzheimer’s awareness walk. It was really great to get up in the morning and support a great cause that’s close to my heart!

    You’ve inspired me! I may hit up the farmer’s market in town with Whitney this weekend. I bet she would go with me.

    Thanks for your post. I love reading them.

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