A Great Day in Richmond

Good morning! Yesterday was great day here in Richmond. Why? A couple of reasons.

1. Emily took the day off of work so we could frolic around town on a perfectly sunny 80 degree day. We went to Star-Lite for lunch and enjoyed sitting on their open patio chatting over afternoon cocktails and sandwiches. And those fries? Heaven.

2. The Cake Pop Girls sent me a dozen of their cake pops. Ohmygaahhhd. Seriously? These are real life? The Lunchbox Diaries cake pops!? I ate two of them as soon as I open the box and I’m not even ashamed about it. I’ve been kind and have shared a few since then – but only a few 😉

The CP Girls took this picture.

3. Cory came home last night after being away all week! I had missed him terribly. It was so weird being in our new place alone. I desperately wanted him to come home so we could go explore our new town together!

And that’s what we did last night. We went to Europa, a tapas bar that was just too cute to ignore. We ordered some white sangria along with four small plates. A little pricey for the amount of food we got, but totally worth the experience and our “Welcome to Richmond” date.

Now we’re off to enjoy our long weekend! Have a happy, healthy weekend my friends!

Let’s chat – Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Oh me? In a word – YES.


  1. Ashley says

    The cake pops look amazing! And I am soo jealous that you went to Europa!! Stephen, Stephanie, Patrick and I have been there and I am in love!!!! You’re right though it is a special date night place! I’m glad your loving your new home!

  2. says

    Those cake pops are FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Also, I will be celebrating St. Patty’s day running the Suntrust Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon up in D.C.!!! Yay. Oh and I guess I might drink a little that night…maybe…definitely…ok, lets be real, shits gonna get weird.

    Have a great St. Patty’s day!

  3. says

    These 80+ degree days have been absolutely wonderful! I just wonder if it’s 85 degrees in March, how hot will it be in July?! Glad your man made it home safely!

    P.S. Your lunch looks absolutely delicious, sandwich and cocktail!


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