A Deck of Cards

Growing up, I never enjoyed playing board games. I am was a sore loser, and I realized at a young age that it was easier to step away from the Clue board rather than be in a fight with my family for the next three days.

Wasn’t it always?

So I generalized my aversion to board games to all games, really. Flash light tag? No thanks, I’d rather not. Rummy Cube? Not today, Grandma. Solitaire? Psh.

So when Cory told me that he found a new card game from his beloved blog Lifehacker, I met him with skepticism.

A card game? Sorry. I’m busy tonight. Or tomorrow. Or whenever you planned on playing.

When he told me that it was a card game that involved squats, mountain climbers, chair dips and jumping jacks – I had to raise an eyebrow (Okay, I raised both eye brows.)

Enter the new-to-me Deck of Cards workout. The idea is that each suit represents a different move and the card number represents the number of reps that you do for that move.

Face cards equal 10

Aces equal 20

And if you’re daring, Jokers equal 50

Daring or not, you don’t take a rest in between each card.


Today our workout looked like this:

Hearts = Jumping Jacks

Spades = Jump squats

Diamonds = Tricep  dips

Clubs = Mountain Climbers

In about 18 minutes, you can do a little over 100 reps of each move. I enjoyed this workout because it was fast paced so I wasn’t able to be bored out of mind. By the middle of the workout, my heart was pumping and I was sweatin’ like a bandit.

I also really enjoy it because it’s so versatile. Each time you do it, you can use different exercise moves. I think I want to do bicep curls, seated rows, lat pull down and jumping jacks next time.

A little tip: Always designate a cardio move to the suit of Hearts.

And don’t worry if you don’t have a deck of cards. We don’t either! We downloaded the Deck of Cards Workout app and it generates the cards for you, tells you how many cards you done/have left and it times you. For .99, I highly recommend it!

Let’s chat –

What’s your favorite board game? If I had to pick – I’d have to say Candyland. How can not love Candyland? :)


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    I love games. My husband and I play Boggle sometimes. I used to whip his butt every time, but he’s gotten better and is winning sometimes. We might need to find a new game. Ha! This is a fun idea for a workout…thanks for sharing!

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    What a cute idea! My favorite board game is probably “UpWords” – it’s like scrabble but you can add tiles on top of tiles. I also loved “Card Attack” – which preceded the popular “Uno Attack”. When I was younger, it was definitely “Mouse Trap” or “Splat”! :)

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    haha I love board games :) We have game nights at our house often :) I guess you wouldn’t wanna come play with us :(

    We love Apples to Apples, because it is HILARIOUS.

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    I’ve seen a card workout like that before, but I have yet to try it myself. I think my fav board game is Cranium, but Scrabble is good too. Thanks for reminding me of games – if the fam gets bored at my house this week, I may have to bust one out… let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

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    I love pretty much all (board/card) games! Apples to Apples, Killer Bunnies, and Settlers of Catan are some favorites, along with classics like Clue, Life, and Scrabble!

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