A Day at the [Doggy] Spa

It shames me to realize that I could easily be one of those bitties who wears a sweatshirt with her dog’s face screen printed on the front. You know, it would read: “World’s Best Boy” or something equally horrendous.

Yes, I’ve turned into that girl who unabashedly loves her dog and has fleeting moments in which she forgets her dog is not a human.

As some of you know, Campbell is a rescue dog; and while he’s come a LONG way since we adopted him in October, it’s safe to say that he’s still afraid of, well, everything.

On Saturday, we “treated” Campbell to a full-blown grooming experience. He was bathed, his nails were clipped, his teeth were brushed (thank GOD) his ears were cleaned and his anal gland was squeezed. Who knew that anal gland thing was important? Not this girl.

Needless to say, Campbell was a little nervous as we pulled into the PetSmart parking lot.

Cory and I were a little nervous, too. Cory was anxious because he thought Campbell might bite another dog (because it’s happened – twice) and I was nervous that my wittle baby boy would have a heart attack.

When we checked him in I firmly, yet kindly, reminded the Grooming Specialist, Jason about Campbell’s situation (Any Redskins/football fans catch the irony in this groomer/groom-y name situation?):

“Campbell’s a rescue dog who was abused. We don’t know how badly abused, but we know it was significant. He’s scared of everything, really. 

I then bent down to finish my conversation with Jason, through Campbell. You know how people do that? They use their dog to have conversations with people?

You’re aggressive with other dogs, but you just don’t know any better, do you, my wittle boooyyy? You have a kind heart.”

Jason had a glossy-eyed look about him, and I wanted to shake him and say “DID YOU HEAR ME?! DON’T SCARE MY SWEET BOY!” But I decided that might be in poor taste.

Four hours later, Campbell emerged as a whole new man dog! (and quite eager for some treats 😉 )

As we were leaving, Jason suggested we have Campbell groomed every four weeks.

Psh, not at $65 a pop, buddy. I don’t spend that kind of money on my own hair each month. See, sometimes I remember he’s a dog, not a human 😉

Let’s chat:

  • Does your pet enjoy being groomed?
  •  Who else talks to their pet like it’s a person? …Anyone?



  1. says

    Look at Campbell with his awesome bandana! I hope he wears that all the time now :) Blue hates going to the doggy spa too, especially the huge blow dryer contraption they put them in once they’ve had a bath. But he is so handsome when he is finished that we just continue to take him haha (and yes, I think my dog is a human too)

  2. says

    We have to groom my dog every 5-6 weeks because he actually has hair, not fur. AKA he doesn’t shed, which is pretty awesome if you ask me! But we do have to shell out $45 almost every month. I can’t believe you got his teeth brushed included in that price – usually they charge wayyy extra for that!

    • Colleen says

      NO SHEDDING!? That is awesome. Campbell sheds like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I did learn that anxious dogs shed more than normal, so that makes sense. But hair, not fur… That’s so cool! What kind of dog?

  3. says

    Okay… At the risk of sounding completely detached from reality, I’ll divulge that my sister and I made up our own (English-based) language to talk to our dog. In our defense, I was in 5th grade and she was in 2nd when we got him… Nick absolutely LOVED the giant dryer, which surprised us, because he hated all manner of other innocuous things! My dad always used to say “dogs are people, too,” and we definitely treated Nick as such 😉

    • Colleen says

      I laugh out loud when I read your comments! That’s hilarious about the language. While I never had a language for my dog, my best friend and I totally had one. You know, so we could write secret notes that could never be decoded by anyoneee! Muhahah 😉

  4. says

    now I feel silly because I thought (via Facebook) you meant a spa where you get groomed with your dog. hahahaa. BUT I’m glad all went well with our little Campbell! give him a high five for me.

  5. Susan says

    Love your post and yes I do talk to my dogs like they are humans. They are my children so I am right there with you Colleen. The dog is so cute. Keep giving him all that love and he will continue to some around. Enjoy him.

    • Colleen says

      Hi Susan!! Thanks so much for reading :) I agree, dogs quickly become part of the family, don’t they?! Everyone keeps telling me he’ll come around – and I’m starting to believe it. It’s been quite the experience so far – but it’s so great! I hope you’re doing well!

  6. Ashley says

    So Tuck gets a bath in the bathtub, but he loves to go to the vet and get his nails clipped or stay at the doggy day care b/c they bathe him there too! He loves being around other people when they are spoiling him so he’s a happy pup. And yes we talk to him like he understands, but I mean of course he hears me… duhh! :)

    • Colleen says

      When we moved here, we lost the bathtub luxury, and our shower is too small for a claustrophobic dog hahah! I love that Tuck loves to be spoiled :) And OF COURSE he understands everything you’re saying!

  7. says

    I don’t know that Chewy LIKES being groomed but he doesn’t hate it. Well okay, he doesn’t hate the bath part. He just stands in the bathtub motionless while I bathe him but we take him to a professional for his nails because he sure hates THAT. And no matter how many tutorials there are online to do it at home , I will NEVER express his anal glands myself. No. Ew. Never.

    I don’t think a day goes by where I DON’T talk to him actually. I rapped to him about pooing while we were on a walk last week. I’m pretty sure the neighbors judge me.

  8. says

    So I sent my husband a message asking if PetSmart cleans our dog’s anal gland when she’s groomed and I got this response, “Oh good lord, I have no idea… almost had water come outta my nose when I read that. I was taking a sip as I opened that… a little warning next time!!!” Haha, oops!

    And I talk to my puppy – are 2 year olds still puppies? – like she is a person allthetime. Just yesterday I asked “where’s daddy?” and she ran to the bathroom to look for him. I’m still cackling over that one.

  9. says

    Koda is most definitely a member of the fam. I talk to her (because she understands me… definitely). She even has her own voice, though it’s actually a voice of an old man. It fits her personality better than girl’s voice.
    See, you’re not the only one a little crazy about their dog :)

  10. says

    I love Pet Smart! I bring our dog, Nutmeg, there. I tried Petco once, but was not satisfied. She is excited to go until she gets in the door and sees where we are. She is good for them and always gets compliments. She is also eager to leave. I always buy her a toy the day she gets groomed so she sees it as a good thing.

  11. Cristin says

    I totally talk to my dogs like they are people & even talk for them to my mom & sister! LOL! Campbell is so sweet looking! I can relate to the being afraid of everything stuff. My big dog is the same way & was also abused. Makes me so sad. I’m glad the spa time was a success!

  12. says

    Aw Campbell is so cute! My pug Stewie is a rescue dog too, & it seems like he was abused as well (we got zero info. on him when we adopted him!). He flinches every time I even go to pet him… 3 years later! Poor guy! He gets his nails trimmed & absolutely HATES it! I’ve heard that that’s a big pug thing though & they all react that way!

  13. says

    Okay I got a total kick out of this post. I love my dog with all my heart! She was also a rescue dog and found at a dumpster (who does that!?). Lately our pup has been getting the bathtub treatment, but she is definitely due for some professional grooming:)
    Let’s make shirts, want to? haha.

  14. says

    The first time Charlie was groomed, he hated it. He tried biting at the groomer’s hands whenever they tried to touch him. He was still a baby then though – I think he was only 10 months. He’s gotten better and just deals with it now. What a good boy. And I agree that I also talk to my dog like he’s a human and people look at me like I’m psychotic.

  15. says

    Ha I never thought of it that way- comparing it to human haircuts! We have a toy poodle and he gets groomed approximately every 4 weeks since he has hair, not fur, and doesn’t shed… The first time we took him we were TERRIFIED they’d give him the traditional poodle cut even though we explicitly said NO at least 10 times haha 😛 Thankfully when we picked him up he was just a fluffy, shorter haired, fur ball…

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