24 Things about Brian

Happy Saturday, you beautiful people! Today is my brother’s 24th birthday, so I decided I’d make a list of 24 reasons he’s the best, coolest, most wonderful brother ever.

1. He is hilarious. I belly laugh constantly when he’s around.

2. He’s the life of the party.


3. He has always been cooler than me. In high school, he was in a band. And I… read a lot of books.


4. He’s never met a stranger.

5. I really, really, really love his girlfriend.

erin6. He works for Apple. I have tech support whenever I need it.

7. He has tattoos. He got his first one when he was a teenager (when I was still reading a lot of books.)



8. Brian and Cory are great friends. When the three of us are together, I am undoubtably the third wheel.

c&b9. He is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met!

10. He taught himself how to play the guitar and the piano. I hated it when we were growing up and he was still learning because our rooms were next to each other. It was miserable…but now that we don’t live together, it’s just great! πŸ˜‰


piano11. When we were little, he used to play dress up with me and let me call him Brittany.

12. Even now, if I want for us to be matchy-matchy, he’ll do it.



match313. He was the co-best man in our wedding.

cheers14. When ripped jeans were cool (circa 2007) he would take my mom’s sewing tools and strategically rip my jeans for me. My mom hated it, but I loved it.

15. Cory, Brian and I went backpacking in Europe a few years ago. I didn’t think anything of it until so many people said “I wish I could do that with my sibling!” (Inferring that they don’t get along with their siblings.)


16. Sure, I love him, but I really, really like him.

17. He’s colorblind and it’s hilarious. I think we were in high school when I told him that peanut butter wasn’t green.

18. He’s a fun drinking buddy.

19. He wears things like this, and doesn’t ever get punched in the face.


20. He’s generous (especially when he’s drunk.)

21. When we were little, my mom told us that we had to be good friends, because that’s what brothers and sisters do. We listened.

22. My best friends love him, and he easily fits into our group. (By the way, guys, can we go back to New York?)

Screen shot 2013-09-28 at 10.04.32 AM

23. Since forever, his birthday marks a very special day for me…exactly ONE WEEK until MY birthday! πŸ˜‰

24. Brian, I love you! You’re the best!

wine fest



  1. Laura Likes Design says

    This is so great! I love how you guys are such great friends–that’s a rare find in the world of siblings!

    Um…are ripped jeans not in anymore? Did I miss a memo or something? 90% of the jeans I own are ripped ha ha.

  2. Chelsie S says

    Happy birthday, Brian!! I have a younger brother named Bryan, so Colleen — you and I are practically twins!

    I think that few people have the chance to have such an amazing friend in life, nonetheless to have that friend be a sibling. You’re both very blessed!! I hope your bond only continues to strengthen in the coming years!!!

  3. says

    girlFRAN, just re-discovered your blog (thanks, Clare!) and re-fell in love. used to check it all the time but– and this is lame– i deleted chrome, where i had all my bookmarks saved, and forgot all the blogs i used to check. glad to be back :] xx

  4. says

    Cute post :) Happy birthday to your brother! (And almost happy birthday to you, then!) My brother’s birthday is 2 weeks before mine – and for those 2 weeks, we’re actually the same age! It’s fun to have an almost-birthday sibling :)

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