20 Best Things About Being Married

My dear friend Emily recently found a 50 Best Things About Being Single list and posted it on her blog. I found it highly entertaining, mainly because I am a serial monogamist, I hate dating, and can only maintain that “you don’t know me yet, so I’ll attempt to appear polite and normal” facade for so long.

Naturally, I’ve wanted to be married since I was about 12 years old.

As someone who has been with the same guy for six years, I wanted to write a rebuttal to the Best Things about Being Single list. You know, because I think being married (or being in a serious, committed relationship) is the best thing in the world.

20 Best Things About Being Married

  1. You get to have a sleep over with your best friend every night.
  2. You’ve finally found that person who acknowledges that carry around Crazy Lady baggage, but is okay with you staying around and unpacking.
  3. You always have someone to hang out with.
  4. You no longer experience pre-date nerves.
  5. You have someone to share your best moments with.
  6. You have someone to hold you at your worst moments.
  7. If no one else in the whole world “gets” you – you know your partner does.
  8. You don’t have to go through that whole “are we Facebook official?” debacle.
  9. You have a person who motivates you to be better, even when you don’t want to be.
  10. You learn to compromise.
  11. You can be a dweeb and not worry about it.
  12. You don’t have to have awkward conversations with dudes when you go out to a bar. Just saying, Sorry, I’m married, is the best douche bag repellent ever.
  13. You don’t have to stress out about composing texts. Like, Did I sound crazy in that last text? or He put a period at the end of that sentence – is he mad? 
  14. You don’t have to make difficult decisions alone. Sure, there are time when the decision-making will ultimately fall on you, but you have someone who has your best interest in mind to bounce ideas off of.
  15. It doesn’t suck to be around someone who thinks you’re the best looking person in the world.
  16. Married people live longer than single people.
  17. You don’t always have to be the one who does the dishes. (Right, Sarah? :) )
  18. Starting your own family/life with someone is the most amazing feeling. (“Family” can be two people and dog, just FYI)
  19. I cannot lie – finally being able to call your long-time boyfriend your “husband” is pretty awesome.
  20. Yeah, when you’re married you do have to think about someone other than yourself, you do have to adjust some of your habits, and sometimes you do fight. But life is one big adventure – and being married means you have someone to share it with.

Let’s chat – Do you have anything to add (or subtract) from the list? I could get to 50, but that would be one hell of a long post! 


  1. says

    21. You don’t always have to remember to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer.
    22. You don’t have to do all the cooking.
    23. You know they’re going to love you even if you have a grumpy day.
    24. You can talk about the future without worrying about “scaring him off”.
    25. When you don’t feel good, there’s someone else to go to the store and buy medicine.
    26. Every time you say your married name, you get a reminder that someone out there loves you enough to spend the rest of their life with you.
    27. If your alarm doesn’t go off, there’s someone else to share the blame.

    … Okay, I need to get back to work now. But what a fun post :-)

  2. says

    Hey – #1 looks familiar. 😉 Love that one. You do have to make sacrifices when living with another person, but by committing to each other, the sacrifices don’t feel like sacrifices. It feels more like you’re working together and growing closer. I dunno – maybe that’s just me, but it’s working so far!

    • Colleen says

      I know, right?! Great minds think alike – that was the very first one on my list before I tweeted for inspiration! I totally agree about the sacrifices not feeling like sacrifices. Right on!

    • Colleen says

      Hahah I thought you’d get a kick out of it. Yes, yours is much more entertaining – and thanks for the inspiration! :)

  3. says

    I went on a first date last night — and I have to say, it was THE perfect evening. I was totally fine with being single. But now, I’m thinking that wandering to your side of the fence wouldn’t be all that terrible!! Yes, cart ahead of horse, I know, but it was THAT great a night. :)

    • Colleen says

      Ahhh! I’m so excited for you, Chelsie!! Is it weird that I really, really want to know how the next date(s) go for you? :)

      • says

        Not weird at all (maybe in the “real world” but never, ever in the blogging world!!). It’s not every day that you meet someone who has the same thoughts about family, Harry Potter, loving to write and learn, life values, sense of humour, and is a melting pot of all your favourite physical traits too. And who likes you the same way, makes you feel safe and comfortable meeting him for the first time, and is willing to give up the last good sweet potato fry in exchange for the short nubby one. 😉 To be honest, I was a total cynic and had you written this post on Monday, I might not even have read it. Today, totally on cloud-9.

  4. says

    Love!! I’ll add a few…
    -You always have someone to cook for
    -You always have company when you go grocery shopping
    -You have a permanent recipe taster who will be brutally honest with you instead of being polite like company would be
    -You have someone who makes you laugh every single day, even when you don’t want to
    -You have an endless bank of inside jokes
    -Sex! (need I say more?)

    I’m sure I could come up with more, but that’s all I have right now. This list is great! I think there needs to be more of these out there :)

  5. Ashley Crute says

    You have someone to teach you new habits…. aka a never used to read and now I pay more attention to my book than my husband sometimes!

  6. Lindsay Harlow says

    I don’t have anything to add yet since I’m not married, but I really enjoyed reading this post this morning :) You are Cory are such good role models for what an awesome marriage looks like. Thank you for that!

  7. says

    Love this post! You came up with some great ones.

    -someone to always have your back
    -a new and better last name 😉
    -someone to start the fire in the fireplace, check your oil in the car, and take the lid off of jars

  8. Erika says

    I got married when I was 20 so I didn’t really get to experience “grown up single life” but I don’t think I missed out on anything! Having been married for 12 years now it is still pretty great…

    You always have somebody to go to events with.
    You can wear your pajamas all day on Saturday without judgment.
    You can stay home and watch a movie (in your pajamas).
    You have a live-in handy man.

  9. says

    Haha *loveee* this, laughed out loud the whole way through 😀 Another thing that guys learn when you get married, girls fart too! TMI but totally true, someone gotta say it haha!

  10. says

    When I saw that list (about being single), I think I was most disappointed with the “not having to think of anyone else” line. I love being able to take care of/care for/love my husband. Or really any close friend. :) It gives me someone to cook for!

  11. says

    I love marriage posts, esp by you!

    I would add:
    1. I now have someone to indulge in chocolate with me (less guilt)!
    2. I have someone else to eat with every night.
    3. I have somoene waiting for me at home when I have to work late. :)

    Your list is great, but #20 is my favorite – marriage is a jcrazy ourney but when you’re taking it with the right person, it’s well worth the ride!

  12. says

    I LOVE this list! I, too, did not like dating; it was so stressful and awkward! Other good things:

    – I do not have to put myself through the humiliation of being on “The Bachelor” (either do single people, but you know, this is what I think of when I’m watching the show)
    – Extra financial support
    – Always have someone to eat ice cream with at night
    – Date nights can now consist of eating takeout in pajamas
    – You have a built-in date for any and every event

    And I could think of many more, but I’ll save them for later :).

  13. ashley says

    I love this post…I am getting married next october and could totally do it tomorrow!!

    Here are some of the things i enjoy the most about being with Alex:

    1. I always have someone to spoon with..little spoon!
    2. We order two different meals and split them in half..yessir!!
    3. I have conformed to some of his interests and kind of enjoy them…ehem WWE monday night raw…nerds alert!! But he watches basketball with me!
    4. we tag team it at the grocery store…10 minutes is our best time. boom!
    5. He is honest with me about my cooking, so he does it more than i do
    6.His family is amazing…they love me and I love them. Plus, I didnt have any grandpas left before I met him and now I dont know what i would do without grandpa Bill!
    7. He makes me want to be a better person…I love his face!!!!

  14. says

    When you randomly wake up with one of your eyes almost swollen shut and you text him a really disgusting picture to show him and he texts back wondering what’s wrong.

    True love is blind I tell ya! haha!

    I never wanted to be married until I met my husband, and now I’ve deemed it as the most difficult, complex, and fulfilling thing I will ever do in my life.

  15. Sarah says

    Love the sexting text! Haha. Totally something I would do & think it’s hilarious….made me think though, my d-bag ex boyfriend (who I thought I’d marry) would think a text like that is gross. Aka, can’t wait til I find the right guy who thinks shit like that is funny! Relationships can’t always be serious, and they especially aren’t always sexy & fab. Glad you’re able to be yourself with your hubby!

    • Colleen says

      Oh gosh, if relationships always had to be serious, I’d be shit outta luck :) I’m glad you got away from that humorless d-bag. Cheers!

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