101 in 1001

I love lists. I love goal-setting. Not surprisingly, I love goal-setting lists. I have seen this idea on several blogs, and figured that I want in on it as well. The whole idea is to make a list of 101 things that I want to accomplish in 10o1 days – which is roughly 2.75 years. So, after giving it a lot of thought, I’ve come up with my list. Here it is, in no particular order:

1. Get married to my best friend.

2. Promote my blog – and find ways to start doing giveaways!

3. Graduate with my M.Ed. in Community Counseling

4. Get a job that I enjoy that utilizes said M.Ed.

5. Enroll in a Health Coach certificate program

6. Go to New York at Christmas time with Cory

7. Take a vacation with my mom (we’ve booked our trip to Vegas for October 2013!)

8. Go hiking

9. Host a dinner party

10. Buy several “classic” wardrobe pieces (trench, black dress, nude pumps, etc.)

11. Buy a piece of clothing that is outside my comfort zone (think bold, not showy)

12. Go on a real picnic

13. Raise money for MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association)

14. Go camping

15. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Chadwick’s

16. Wine tasting

17. Take a road trip with close friends

18. Take a Body Pump class

19. Be able to do 5 consecutive “real” pushups

20. Make a lasagna

21. Make an apple pie from scratch

22. Run 4+ miles outside

23. Learn to play golf (edit to add: I don’t want to learn how to play golf)

24. Find a local diner that has a killer breakfast

25. Acquire a bread maker and learn to bake bread

26. Play in the rain

27. Run a 10K

28. Run a 5K

29. Go to the beach

30. Practice patience

31. Send a care package to a friend

32. Give a gift for no reason

33. Go bar hopping

34. Host a holiday party

35. Take a pottery-making class

36. Paint a room (we painted accent walls in our living room and morning room!)

37. Get an iPhone

38. Attend a blogging seminar

39. Write a short story

40. Give a homeless person my lunch

41. Get dressed up for a homemade dinner

42. Make pancakes from scratch

43. See Niagara Falls

44. Buy something with my new monogram

45. Find local “couple friends”

46. Spend a weekend at a Bed & Breakfast

47. Have my future MIL teach me how to make meatballs

48. Go snorkeling

49. Buy veggies and produce at a local farmer’s market

50. Go out to dinner alone

51. Play tennis for the first time

52. Walk down the aisle with my Dad

53. Save money for a spa day

54. Have a big breakfast for dinner (cereal does not count!)

55. Get a manicure

56. Learn to do the “smoky eye” look

57. Take a cooking class

58. Write a letter to myself on our wedding day to open on our 10 year anniversary

59. Have a Law & Order: SVU marathon/PJ day – the rules: must wear PJs and watch L&O all day (I’m crossing this off because I did this with PLL instead)

60. Make sangria

61. Finding a place to make a home with Cory

62. Spend a day by the pool drinking fruity drinks

63. Volunteer  (Richmond Special Olympics!)

64. Make a homemade pizza

65. Eat at an unusual restaurant (Honey Pig, Korean BBQ!)

66. Go to a comedy club

67. Go to a country concert

68. Buy wedding bands

69. Take an anniversary trip to Farmville with Cory and visit all of our favorite places from when we were in college (it’s on the book for October, 2013!)

70. Create a new header for this little blog

71. Read 5 books (Hunger Games trilogy, Jaycee Dugard’s a Stole Life, Jody Picoult’s House Rules

72. Refrain from cutting my hair and finally letting it grow out (trims not included) HA. This can just be crossed off forever. 

73. Write in a journal twice a week

74. Learn to cook 10 meals

75. Make a budget

76. Make 3 meals a day for a week

77. Buy a potted plant and keep it alive – my mom has plants that are 20+ years old!

78. Go to a church service of a different religion

79. Attend a George Mason basketball game

80. Laugh until my sides hurt

81. Make a trip to Longwood to visit some of my favorite sorority sisters before they graduate!

82. Go on a cruise

83. Leave an Operation Beautiful note somewhere

84. Compliment someone everyday

85. Compliment myself everyday

86. Jot down things I’m thankful for before I go to bed each night

87. Wear gold nail polish

88. Drink at least 4 glasses of water each day (8 isn’t realistic for me!)

89. Print off important pictures and create an “old school” photo album

90. Take my grandma out to dinner (I made sure to visit her for lunch the last time I was traveling up there for work. I loved spending QT with her and my mom!)

91. Start seeing a counselor – it’s part of the journey to becoming one myself!

92. Learn to meditate

93. Meet local bloggers

94. Buy a fresh sunflower for my desk, just because

95. Go skiing (talk about terrifying!) I’m crossing this off because I really don’t want to go skiing. Ever.

96. See my brother graduate from college!

97. Pay off student loans (I’m working on it, but they won’t be paid off for a long, long time!)

98. Support Cory in making his career dreams become a reality

99. Join a book club. Yes, I’m 45.

100. Learn how to change a tire

101. Step outside of my comfort zone

32 Responses to 101 in 1001

  1. dressed2dish says:

    Love Love LOVE this!! After reading all of those, I’m not even gonna on about our similarities lol…because this we know. #11 stood out to me bc that’s literally my post tmw! Can’t wait to start watching you accomplish these things! :)

  2. Michelle says:

    Yes! I love that you made one too! You have some great ideas on here… I may have to borrow some :)

    Let’s see… One way I try to eat healthy is by finding fun ways to add fruits / vegetables to my snacks and meals.

  3. i’m a nurse and 12 hours shifts are not exactly always easy and a lunch breaks are not always a given – that being said, i always have oatmeal on hand as well as a lara bar, fruit or a PB&J sandwhich on whole wheat… AND LOTS OF WATER!

  4. Lauren says:

    Hi! I found your blog from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life. Great list! :) I have one too! I work from home, so it’s super easy to nibble all day. I try to ask myself if I’m really hungry before I just eat something. Also keeping most snacks in the pantry helps(out of sight, out of mind).

  5. I try and eat healthy by always getting at least 2 pieces of fruit and 2 servings of vegetables into my diet every day. Apples are my fave!

  6. What a sweet blog! I love the name and I love your style! :)

    The way I try to eat healthy is to cook way more than I go out to eat. I plan ahead and only have things in our home that are good for you! Not a lot of sugary, salty processed junk–though believe me–it gets in there sometimes!

  7. Great list. So many of those are easy. Get to it and cross a bunch more off. :D

    Thanks for the support on my blog. :D

    The Grumpy Man

  8. Katy says:

    OMG. I love this idea! I think I want to steal it… Haha! These are all wonderful things to do, especially marry your best friend! I can’t wait to that, I’m also engaged! COngrats!

  9. hooshealthy says:

    I try to eat healthy by remembering balance…I could eat fruit all day long, but veggies not so much! Plus I could gorge on PB&J. I’m a big believer that if we’re kind to our body, it’ll be kind to us!

  10. Gina B. says:

    I love this list! I especially like your “laugh until my sides hurt” and “compliment myself everyday”. Your positive outlook is refreshing! :)

    2 of my 101s are:
    - Run another half marathon
    - Buy a house with my husband (soon to be!)

  11. Ashley says:

    I just saw this post! This is such a cute idea! And I am in love with lists to so I am obessed with it already!

  12. Lauren says:

    I love #59 and #60!

    What fabulous goals!

  13. Haley Q says:

    I love this list! Such a cute idea, and I love how most of the things are small everyday things!

  14. I just came across your blog recently and love it! Your list is awesome (who doesn’t love list making?!). And as a 26-year-old in a book club, I think that is perfectly acceptable.

  15. Colleen, I recently found your blog, and I’m just loving it! You’re really funny!! And I live right near Niagara Falls, so I could be your tour guide. I always say that we take it for granted because we’re so close, but it really is amazing!

  16. Colleen, I just found your blog, and you are super funny.
    I live right near Niagara Falls, so if you ever make it here, I’d be happy to show you around. It really is amazing. I guess I kinda take it for granted because I’ve been so many times, but it’s pretty spectacular!

    • Colleen says:

      Hi, Emmarie! Thanks so much for stopping by :) Niagara Falls!? That’s so awesome – I’ve never seen the falls, but have always wanted to!

  17. I love this idea :) I want to do something like this!

  18. Katherine says:

    this is too cute — i love lists and goals too!

  19. I love lists! I have an ever-evolving list like this! I love being able to check stuff off and add new things to it! I just found your blog and look forward to reading more! :)

  20. i love this post. you’ve inspired me to make a list of my own!

  21. I am in love with this list!!! I am digging the idea – I think I may have to create a similar one for myself!!!
    PS – If you want a great lasagna recipe, let me know – my grandmother’s is to die for (although it’s super unhealthy!! – LOL)

  22. Caitlin says:

    I have a great recipe for 21 (including crust and crumble topping!)
    My hubby and I wrote letters to each other on our wedding day and sealed them in a box with a bottle of wine and 2 glasses- we plan to open it on our 10th anniversary.

  23. This is such an awesome list! And I love the whole idea!

  24. krist says:

    love your list – we have a few of the same ones :)

  25. Great list! How did you promote your blog? I want to do more giveaways, I love when people get all excited about winning!

  26. Karen says:

    Definitely take a vacation with your mom soon! I took my mom to Poland when she retired. She had always wanted to go but my dad had MMD and couldn’t take her. (I have it too but a milder case.) Our “simple” trip to Poland turned into a three week journey around Europe (six different countries in all). It was crazy but unforgettable. I unexpectedly lost my mom to cancer five years later but will always treasure our trip together. I only wish I had a chance to take my dad on his dream trip to the Kentucky Derby before he passed away.

    • Colleen says:

      Karen, I’m so sorry you lost both of your parents. The trip you took with your mom sounds amazing! I have, MMD, too. Like my dad! And mine is milder than his as well. I hope you’re well!

  27. Megan says:

    I love this blog so far! I’m just getting started, but I love your humor and writing. Good luck on your goals!

  28. Michael says:

    This is a very well rounded list. I have a great recipe for #42 if you want it. It’s sooo easy.

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